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October 31, 2013 A few months ago Andrew and I were busy working on other projects/jobs.  This was just an idea.  Then we decided to focus....
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Patience Required

October 24, 2013 Before we started Andrew told me that designing a bag is similar to building a house: the frame goes up fast but everything else takes...
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Back to the Drawing Board

October 17, 2013 The trunk of my car is starting to look like a bag designer’s.  In this pic, I count six different bags by five different companies. We have our first mockup...
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Andrew’s New Bike

A 2006 KLR 650. Came with these really bad-ass looking sidecases.
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More Progress

October 11, 2013 This week we’re working on creating a very rough mockup of our pannier shape.  I’ve been learning a lot about things like patternmaking and stitching,...
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Mounting System

October 7, 2013 Most soft panniers mount to the bike with straps, so the bags bounce around a lot.  Plus the straps are a total pain in...
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Busy Week

October 4, 2013 Busy week at Mosko.  Learning a lot about bag manufacturing and materials. We have some initial high level sketches of the panniers, but now we...
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About Me

October 1, 2013 I was born in Philadelphia and spent the early part of my career working in downtown Seattle. I quickly realized that I wanted...
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Our first tool

October 1, 2013 Man, putting together a harbor freight bandsaw is no joke.  Took the two of us 3.5 hours… dang.
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Better moto luggage!

September 20, 2013 Ten years ago, on my first major overseas moto trip (Vietnam), I strapped a backpack to the passenger seat and hit the road.  That worked ok, but when it rained my stuff got...
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My buddy Andrew and I are on a mission to create the best adventure-touring motorcycle luggage on the market. This blog will track our progress. This...
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