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Mounting System

October 7, 2013 Most soft panniers mount to the bike with straps, so the bags bounce around a lot.  Plus the straps are a total pain in the ass to get on/off the bike.  I generally take my panniers off at night regardless of whether I’m camping or in a hotel.  Last winter in Central America there were a lot of mornings where […]

Busy Week

October 4, 2013 Busy week at Mosko.  Learning a lot about bag manufacturing and materials. We have some initial high level sketches of the panniers, but now we need to translate those into physical prototypes.  We decided that it would be more efficient to work with a prototype as opposed to trying to design everything on the […]

It’s official!

About Me

October 1, 2013 I was born in Philadelphia and spent the early part of my career working in downtown Seattle. I quickly realized that I wanted to live closer to where I play, so I moved to a small town on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, just outside Hood River, Oregon. This […]

Our first tool

October 1, 2013 Man, putting together a harbor freight bandsaw is no joke.  Took the two of us 3.5 hours… dang.

Better moto luggage!

September 20, 2013 Ten years ago, on my first major overseas moto trip (Vietnam), I strapped a backpack to the passenger seat and hit the road.  That worked ok, but when it rained my stuff got wet, and the center of gravity on the bike was way too high. Since then I’ve used all different types of moto luggage including aluminum boxes, plastic hard cases, and soft […]


My buddy Andrew and I are on a mission to create the best adventure-touring motorcycle luggage on the market. This blog will track our progress. This is partially about the bags, and partially about building a business. The adventure begins! Pete

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