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Snow Place Like Home

December 6, 2013 Here’s what it looks like at my house this morning.  Anybody in the Gorge have a heated shop we could use for the next few months?  Will trade moto luggage for heat. Production Patterns Our primary goal this week is to get our prototypes and patterns off to the factory.  First we […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2013 This year I am thankful for our latest round of prototypes. The prototypes have reached a complexity level where each new round is a significant undertaking.  It takes three people (Andrew, Chip, and me) working simultaneously for an entire day to adjust the patterns, cut the fabrics, and assemble the parts.  Then it takes Chip another 8-10 hours of sewing on his […]

Ponged… as in Ping-Pong

November 21, 2013 PONG (pôNG,päNG) BRIT.informal Verb 1. to measure the volume of a bag by filling it with ping-pong balls In my mind I pictured us constructing prototypes and taking them to multiple factories, choosing the best quote, and then finally placing an order.  In reality it doesn’t work that way.  In fact it […]

The Last US Bag Company

November 14, 2013 This week we met with “The Last U.S. Bag Company” in Hemlock, WA.  Never heard of Hemlock?  Me neither, and I live 30 minutes away.  We were pretty excited to find out that The Last US Bag Company is located right in our backyard. I called LUBC and had a nice chat […]

Country of Origin

November 7, 2013 We need a factory.  The question is: where?  Made in the USA feels good, and we get shorter lead times with smaller minimums.  However there are so many more factories overseas, plus we can produce a much more interesting bag for the same cost.  For a big company making thousands of bags […]


October 31, 2013 A few months ago Andrew and I were busy working on other projects/jobs.  This was just an idea.  Then we decided to focus.  Now the snowball effect is in full force. Yesterday I was in Portland meeting fabric suppliers and doing in-store research.  This was eye-opening.  There are so many fabrics to […]

Patience Required

October 24, 2013 Before we started Andrew told me that designing a bag is similar to building a house: the frame goes up fast but everything else takes a long time.  That has certainly been our experience.  Getting to the first round prototype was relatively easy but now there are so many additional details to figure out. […]

Back to the Drawing Board

October 17, 2013 The trunk of my car is starting to look like a bag designer’s.  In this pic, I count six different bags by five different companies. We have our first mockup from Chip and are making some changes.  Our primary goal is to finalize the dimensions so we can move on to “features.”  Some things we learned: 1) It’s too big.  Our original design […]

Andrew’s New Bike

A 2006 KLR 650. Came with these really bad-ass looking sidecases.

More Progress

October 11, 2013 This week we’re working on creating a very rough mockup of our pannier shape.  I’ve been learning a lot about things like patternmaking and stitching, which I really knew nothing about until this project. We want to create a very fast, simple prototype of our shape just to check dimensions and make sure we’re headed in […]

Mounting System

October 7, 2013 Most soft panniers mount to the bike with straps, so the bags bounce around a lot.  Plus the straps are a total pain in the ass to get on/off the bike.  I generally take my panniers off at night regardless of whether I’m camping or in a hotel.  Last winter in Central America there were a lot of mornings where […]

Busy Week

October 4, 2013 Busy week at Mosko.  Learning a lot about bag manufacturing and materials. We have some initial high level sketches of the panniers, but now we need to translate those into physical prototypes.  We decided that it would be more efficient to work with a prototype as opposed to trying to design everything on the […]

Warranty and Crash Replacement

We offer an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty on all our sewn seam bags, and a two year warranty on welded seam bags. Contact us for discounted crash replacement pricing.

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