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Racks on Racks on Racks

June 7, 2014 We’re getting a lot of questions about which racks the wedge-mount  works on. There are an enormous number of different racks out there,...
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The Reckless

May 30, 2014 We’ve been getting lots of questions about the Rackless pannier/duffle (aka the “Reckless”). A quick history.  We’re designing a bag for riders who don’t...
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Thanks for the Orders!

May 23, 2014 We have orders.  Real, actual, legit orders.  So cool.  Thanks! Just getting back online after three weeks on the road.  From Moab, we...
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Moab Crash Testing

May 11, 2014 We finally crash-tested the bags.  Many times.  Turns out all we had to do was go to Moab. Phil broke his foot on...
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Shape of Things to Come

Our samples were scheduled to arrive 24 hours before today’s departure for Moab.  I’ve never been so happy to see the delivery truck.  Someone at Fedex must be wondering...
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Holding Pattern

April 25, 2014 We’re in a bit of a holding pattern, waiting on pricing and samples from the factory.  We’re expecting three sets of each item,...
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Production Schedule

April 18, 2014 We’re getting a lot of inquiries about when the bags will be available for sale.  The answer is below (sort of). When we...
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Lizards Walk on Water?

April 8th, 2014 Andrew and I have been searching for a logo icon to go with the Mosko name.  We wanted something from Central America, since “Mosko”...
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Get A Free P-38

Get a free P-38 (Best Army Invention Ever) if you sign up for our mailing list!  Click this link: Free P-38 We’d love for you to repost this link...
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Cut, Sew, & Snails

March 11, 2014 All the apparel factories I found were located on the outskirts of Hanoi, so I hopped on a plane and headed north for...
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Machine Shop Shopping

March 1, 2014 I rented a motorbike and spent a few days darting around the industrial suburbs of Ho Chi Min City in search of machine...
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Sleepless in Saigon

February 21, 2014 It’s 5:30 am in Ho Chi Min City, I’ve been up since 3.  Ambien is fighting a losing battle against the 15 hour...
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Warranty and Crash Replacement

We offer an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty on all our sewn seam bags, and a two year warranty on welded seam bags. Contact us for discounted crash replacement pricing.

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