• Mosko Moto Hardware Latch Sak
  • Mosko Moto Hardware Latch Sak

Latch Sak
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Note: there are two different kind of latch saks. Our original V1.0 panniers with HDPE mounting frames use a rotary draw latch attached with screws. The V2.0 panniers with injection-molded glass-filled nylon mounting frames use a rotary draw latch with a locking loop on it, and the latch is connected with bolts and inserts. Please be sure to order the correct replacement latch for your bags.

Sometimes you crash and break a latch.  Our latches and keepers are easy to replace. The Latch Sak includes everything you need.  In the meantime, those two little slots at the top of the bag frame below the latch are there so if you break a latch, you can run a zip tie through the bag frame to keep it attached for the rest of the trip.  The latch itself isn't load-bearing, it just keeps the bag from bouncing off the wedge in rough terrain.  A zip tie or piece of wire/string will get you home.

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