• BMW F800GSA Adapter Set
  • BMW F800GSA Adapter Set
  • BMW F800GSA Adapter Set

BMW F800GSA Adapter Set
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This BMW F800GSA Adapter set provides a flat surface for mounting the Mosko Moto wedge that comes with the Backcountry Panniers. They work on OEM Touratech-made BMW F800GSA racks on both sides of your bike.

Note that this adapter set is meant to be purchased along with Mosko Moto Backcountry Panniers. In order to mount this adapter on the bike, the BMW F800GSA adapters require the Puck Sak mounting hardware that is included with our Backcountry Pannier kits, and is not included in this order.

This order includes 2 adapters, one left side and one right side, and 2 elongated brackets to attach to your rack. You still require the Puck Sak, which includes 6 more pucks (brackets) to mount the adapter, which is included in the purchase of the Backcountry Pannier kit

Please review the picture below and visually confirm that this is the correct rack before ordering. Again, this adapter kit comes with all hardware needed as long as you have our Backcountry panniers (or Scout Panniers) or are ordering them today. If you are not using our bags then you will need some of our brackets, so please contact us directly about this. 

These adapters are designed to make Mosko Moto bags work on these racks, but they are also universal adapters for adding Rotopax or any other storage solution you may dream up.  

They are made of 3mm laser cut and bent T304 stainless steel, and powder coated black.

Download installation instructions here


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