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The Basilisk IR Pant is our waterproof/breathable enduro-touring kit for long-distance, multi-day trips. It combines high-performance materials with clean lines and a minimalist design.

Basilisk IR Pant

High Desert

The Basilisk IR Pant is our incredibly waterproof, incredibly breathable enduro-touring pant for trips through primarily off-road terrain. This pant specializes in a balance of breathability, mobility, and protection, with a CE A rating for abrasion, and CE level 2 rating for impact protection. 

The Basilisk IR Pant combines high-performance materials with clean lines and minimalist design. The articulated fit allows freedom of motion and easy layering.

Pair with the Basilisk IR Jacket to complete the kit.


The Basilisk IR Pant is incredibly waterproof and incredibly breathable. The body fabric is a highly abrasion-resistant eVent Expedition 3-layer, using eVent's proprietary Direct Venting™ technology. Heat and water vapor move directly through the air-permeable membrane, allowing your body to breathe freely and stay comfortable. With a 30,000mm on the water column (100 feet of water pressure), an MVTR of 10,000 g/m/d, .06cfm air permeability, and DWR to keep you dry in wet conditions. It's the only air-permeable riding pant we have come across and has the highest waterproof ratings we've ever seen. Double external storm flaps and internal guttered construction provides high weather resistance in the heaviest rains, while maintaining maximum ventilation.

The Basilisk IR Pant features integrated RHEON™ LABS body armor, helping the pant remain breathable yet protected in a wide range of conditions on extended trips. At its core, RHEON™ is an energy-absorbing superpolymer. Soft and flexible in its natural state, it intelligently stiffens when subjected to force. Made to feel invisible, its designed to flex to the curvature of the body for an adaptive fit. This gives RHEON™ Armor impact protection exactly where it’s needed, while maintaining total comfort. What makes RHEON™ different is its patented algorithmic design and 3D printing process. The combination makes it both lighter, and more protective. The unique cell packing allows for better impact absorption while allowing air to flow naturally around the rider, making RHEON™ Armor the most breathable protection on the market. You can stay cool and stay focused, even on the toughest of days. RHEON™ Armor is protection that doesn’t feel like protection at all. It is lightweight, comfortable, and cool – with no compromise on protective performance.

The knees feature added Super Fabric® ceramic platelets on a 600D waterproof/breathable overlay for added strength and durability. With double-layer fabric, you can crash repeatedly and still stay dry. Our zippers are top-of-the-line water-resistant YKK VISLON® AquaGuard®: they won’t clog with dust and grime and are easy to operate one-handed with gloves. Two cargo pockets on the upper thigh keep your essentials close at hand or provide quick stash options when off the bike.

To keep you cool, there are six vents: two knee scoop vents, two fold-back thigh vents, and two large exhaust vents behind the leg. Open all the vents in hot weather and let the cooler outside air envelop your upper thigh.

On the inside, we eliminated hanging liners entirely, reducing weight, bulk, and heat. Laminated patches protect the tricot lining in high abrasion areas like the knees and lower leg. The leg openings are cut extra wide to allow for plenty of room to fiddle with and adjust your boots. And they’re adjustable, too, with waterproof internal gussets and overlapping Velcro flaps.

  • RHEON™ CE-Level 2, with Type A knee and hip armor
  • CE A rated for abrasion and CE level 2 rated for impact protection (Pending)
  • eVent Expedition 3 Layer fabric with Direct Venting™ breathable waterproof technology
  • 30k/10k with 0.06 cfm Air Permeability
  • Super Fabric overlay reinforcement abrasion panels on Knees and Hem
  • Articulated Fit
  • Fully seam taped construction with 20mm seam taping
  • Reflective Logos
  • 2 Cargo Pockets
  • 6 Mesh Lined Vents with flow through venting
  • Over-boot gusseted adjustable hem
  • YKK water resistant Aquaguard® Vislon® zippers
  • High-performance DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
  • Weight of garment: 2.82lbs / 1.3kg (size L)
  • Ethically produced in Bangladesh.


  • 3L eVent Expedition Fabric with Direct Venting™ breathable waterproof technology
  • 100% Nylon 160d x 160d Ripstop Face Fabric, With 20d Nylon Tricot Backer, 219g/sqm.
  • Super Fabric® Abrasion Panels 600d Polyester with Ceramic Plating
  • Ax suede® Synthetic Suede Waistband Lining & Chin Guard
  • YKK Aquaguard® Vislon® Zippers
  • Pittard’s Sprint WR100X Genuine Full Grain Leather 1.2-1.4mm
  • C6 DWR (Durable Water Repellency)

The Basilisk IR Pant fits true to size. Hit the link below to view pant dimensions and instructions on how to take your measurements. 




RHEON™ CE Level-2 Integrated / Removable (IR) Armor

RHEON™ is an energy-absorbing super polymer. Soft and flexible in its natural state, it intelligently stiffens when subjected to force. Designed to flex to the curvature of the body for an adaptive fit. Giving impact protection exactly where it's needed, while maintaining total comfort.

100% Waterproof

DV Expedition, eVent's burliest waterproof membrane, provides the ultimate in durability and all-weather protection. Delivering dry comfort in the widest range of conditions and providing the greatest waterproof protection without sacrificing air permeability. At its best when the conditions are at their worst.

Flow-through venting

The Basilisk Pant features flow-through front and rear vents to maximize cooling while taking on the most strenuous offroad riding in all weather conditions year-round.

SuperFabric® Abrasion Panels

SuperFabric® is created by taking a 600d polyester base fabric and infusing tiny hard guard plates into the fabric. These guard plates have small gaps between each plate, keeping the SuperFabric® flexible for maximum comfort and protection.

Warranty & Crash Care

We never cut corners during development or manufacturing, so we stand behind our products. If one fails due to a problem with materials or workmanship, we’ll make it right. If you go down, we’ll help you out. Risk is part of our sport, and we don’t want it to hold you back.



Weight of garment: 4.0lbs /1.82kg (size 34, with armor pads), 3.2lbs / 1.45kg (size 34 with armor removed)

Product Care

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We never cut corners during development or manufacturing, so we stand behind our products. If one fails due to a problem with materials or workmanship, we’ll make it right. All Mosko Moto products include:

Limited Lifetime Warranty

'Limited' means it does not cover:

  • wear & tear
  • neglect/misuse/abuse
  • aesthetics
  • sun degradation
  • modification and/or use for a purpose other than what the item was designed for

Crash Care Program

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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Awesome Pants AND Jacket!!

The Basilisk pants are fantastic! The fabric, the venting, the waterproofing, and everything else about them except I wish they offered these in a “short” length because I have a 30” inseam but I can live with that because of how great these are! I have these in “Tobacco”, cool color! Same with the Basilisk jacket in “Cadmium Red”, it is as equally fantastic! It fits me well, I got medium and it works perfect for layering but isn’t too big if I don’t have my armor and/or extra layers on. So perfect for so many different options in ever changing weather conditions or whatever you feel like doing! I freakin LOVE this set! I also went with the Mosko Arcade ADV belt, also perfect addition. My Mosko Workhorse jersey or Broadcast are great to wear and look good too with these! I LOVE this stuff, totally worth the investment!!

Wished they were completely waterproof

Bought them for a 11 day long trip from Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai for my 30th birthday.

Light, comfy and with big pockets. Thought it was love but things got sour. First red flag was when the buttons didn’t really lock completely. Told Mosko about this and they offered a repair or to reimburse me for a repair but with my trip this close, I pushed it from my mind and broke them in with a weeks worth of rides to work before my trip.

It’s now day 4 of my trip to Thailand and I’ve gotten soaked 4 times. It’s monsoon season here and some how the rain is getting through the fabric. The pockets are keeping my things somewhat dry but the pants seem to quit after an hour of rain and I get wet from my waist down to my thigh. After about 2 hours the water starts to drip down my leg into my boot. Now wet socks and boots. Planning to get wet for the whole of next week I guess.

Luckily the massive vents help dry my underwear out a bit so they aren’t completely soaked when I reach my BnB for the day.

They do really well in the heat though. Fitted an exhaust that extends closer to my shins and wearing regular jeans makes me wanna stop riding after 30 mins. Barely feel anything with these on. Not to mention when it stops raining and the sun starts cooking. Just unzip everything and alls good. If only there were calf zips :)

Tldr. I love how they look and feel but if I knew they weren’t really stormproof I wouldn’t have picked them for this ride. Glad I didn’t get the jacket combo coz that would’ve really hurt my wallet and ego.

Jean-Francois Servant
Great pants, worth every penny

Before the Basilisk pants I was wearing Klim Switchback or the Latitude bought mostly for touring with the wife.

This year I wanted to experiment off road with the GS, the enduro boots fit very tightly under the Switchback pants, I wanted to upgrade.

I discovered Mosko watching YouTubers, fell on the Mosko channel, watched some reviews, I never heard a bad thing, so I bought some pants.

I’m 5’8”, inseam of 31-32 inches, I bought a 32 regular. In a boutique, I would’ve tried on the 30 to compare, I really need a belt. It was no surprise that the Basilisk is a shell without padding at the hips and knees. I wear knee guards and Klim tactical pants. Plenty of room, very comfy, I’m sure there is room for a sturdier knee brace.

The venting is UH-MAY-ZING. With the front thigh opened and the back exhaust, there is a ton of air, even sitting behind a big bike like a GS.

Compared to the Klim Altitude, the Basilisk feel soft, and better cut. Moving on the bike, sitting down, getting up on the pegs and moving around, I never thought about the pants, they just feel right. I have not yet hit rain, so the waterproofness can’t be reviewed, but I trust the eVent.

Only two small things are bugging me a bit. The pant leg does not have a zipped opening which would make putting on the boots a bit easier. If it’s to keep the pants waterproof I see the point. Other thing is the lack of regular hand pockets. It would be practical when off the bike.

The basilisk pants are expensive, but compared to the Klim Latitude I have, they are lighter, softer, they seem more rugged with the super fabric. If the Basilisk jacket is as comfy as the pants, I might be in trouble and have to order one in a predictable future…

Looking at Mosko’s stuff, it' the first time I really feel like real riders are designing the gear. Great stuff!

cody mccallister
Basilisk Pants a.k.a. Noah’s ark!

The Mosko Moto Basilisk pants Are in my top 5 favorite pieces of motorcycle camping gear items of all time!
I recently purchased the basilisk pants for my motorcycle camping adventures.
Little did I know that on my first day wearing them the skies would open the floodgates from hell no joking.
The weather report said no rain so I set off to meet my freind from Arizona in southern Utah.
The ride is about 4 hours for me and about 30 minutes in it started raining.
That was just the up of the spear as soon I was in 30 plus mph winds and hail with the rain.
In true adventure form it stopped raining 20 miles from our meetup spot lol.
The next day we again checked the forecast which said no rain but wouldn’t you k ow we ended up in so much rain we had to take cover. We waited it out for a bit and made a ride for it only to find the road was impassable because of a flash flood.
The only time I got wet was the first storm because it was 90 degrees and I had all of my vents open.
I can not say enough how absolutely bad ass and waterproof these pants are!
They basilisk pants not only kept me totally dry but they are stylish and comfortable to!
I have owned other pants, klim, revit etc but the Mosko Moto basilisk pants are my favorite and now the most comfortable and most trusted riding pants I’ve experienced.
I honestly will be using and trusting only Mosko Moto basilisk gear for all of my future motorcycle adventures.
I hope that answers any questions you might have if you’re tho long about grabbing some Mosko basilisk yourself.
2 wheels and a tent
Mosko Moto for the win!!!

Hugo Pinet
They are they best !

Great pants, everything you can dream of ! I had problem with the sizing, I am usually a 36 in every brand of pants but I now know I am a 34 mosko. The return was easy, the girl who helped my was resourceful and I had my pants for the Colorado trip.