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Stinger 8L Tailbag


The Stinger 8 is an incredibly versatile roll-top drybag designed to mount as a tail/fender bag on smaller bikes, for carrying tools, tubes and other essentials, or as a topper on hard-side panniers or top boxes. It also turns into a backpack, in case you need a daypack for hiking into a hot spring, or making a quick trip to the store for supplies. The backpack straps stash away in an internal pocket, and then deploy through the opening of the bag, clipping to two d-rings on the bottom. 


On the bottom of the Stinger 8, we added four sewn-on connection straps that loop through ladderlocks on the top of the bag so that you can connect it to fender cleats on a dirt bike or to a luggage rack or hard-side pannier. When not in use, the straps stash away in a flat pocket on the back. If you prefer to use a different connection system, there are webbing pass-throughs on the top of the bag, which can accommodate any kind of strap.

It also turns into a backpack, in case you need a daypack for hiking into a hot spring or making a quick trip into town for supplies. The backpack straps stash away in an internal pocket and then deploy through the opening of the bag, clipping to two d-rings on the bottom. When the Stinger is set up as a backpack, its capacity is larger than 8L.

  • Backpack straps that stash away in an external pocket
  • Front document pocket with a water-resistant zipper closure
  • Four loop connections for anything you need to attach to the outside of the bag
  • Webbing pass-throughs to keep the bag securely attached to the bike
  • Two webbing side handles
  • Internal bottom stiffener to help the bag keep its shape


  • Capacity: 8L
  • Width: 8.75in / 22.2cm
  • Height: 7in /17.8cm
  • Total Length: 15.5in / 39.4cm
  • Rolled Length: 11in / 27.9cm
  • Weight: 1.34lbs / 0.6 kg
Construction & Materials
  • 800D polyurethane coated (PVC free) with welded-seams
  • Backpack straps that stash away in an internal pocket
  • 4 connection straps to hold the bag on a luggage rack or fender
  • Webbing pass-throughs to keep the bag securely attached to the bike
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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Gregg Leion
Stinger 8L Tailbag

This is an excellent product. High quality, durable construction and functionality. I wanted a small tail bag to keep all my emergency repair stuff in and the 8L is perfect. I've stuffed in a couple inner tubes, some tire repair items and tools. There is still room left over for some other items. By itself, this is a great bag for short day rides but because of the way it can be attached, it will incorporate into other luggage for long trips. On top of all that, it easily converts to a backpack! Price was very reasonable compared to other bags but the construction, waterproofness and versatility make this the best small tail bag available in my opinion, I really love this bag.

Brady Daugherty
Great Bag for Small Kit

As I've gotten deeper into adventure motorcycling and motocamping, my kit has gotten smaller and lighter. Consequently, my Backcountry Panniers on my Africa Twin are capable of holding my entire camp kit, clothes, and anything I might need for a small trip with extra room to spare. This eliminated the need for a large topcase, larger tail bag, or any need for extra capacity on the back of the bike. I did, however, have a need to carry some items atop the bike purely for protection when the bike goes down. This is where the Stinger 8 came in. I decided I'd use the Stinger 8 to keep more expensive and easily crushable items (like my Jetboil) in when I'm traveling. It works amazingly for this purpose, and the size is pretty much perfect. I keep my entire cook kit with food/coffee materials in this bag when I travel. It's an easy, convenient, and effective way to keep my mess kit, food, and stove separate from the rest of my luggage, and if I need to separate it from my campsite at night while I sleep, it makes it easy to do that too. I've decided to give this bag 4 stars in stead of 5 because I wish the backpack straps were removable. They do take up a little bit of space on the inside of the bag, and I will never use them unless the bag is no longer mountable to my motorcycle. I also would like it better if the roll top could be buckled to the body of the bag (similarly to the backcountry bags) rather than buckled to itself. These are just a couple of minor things that would improve the bag for my specific use case, but the bag is fantastic. It is perfect for someone who doesn't need a lot of capacity or something super rugged up high on the back of their bike. Cutting down the weight and luggage riding on the rear rack of the bike has made a considerable difference in the feel of the bike, especially offroad.

Simon Tams
Best bit of kit - Stinger 8

This bag is great, secure, waterproof, well built and the hidden back pack straps make it great for carrying stuff on day trips around new places....looks great too!

Brandon D
Great Dry Bag

I purchased the stinger 8L to use on my rack as a stand alone dry bag. It will also be used with the Reckless 40 when the Stinger 22L is too big.

Curtis Midstokke
Perfect overnighter!

I have owned the reckless 80 for a while not but wanted something smaller to use on day/ overnight quick camp outs. The reckless 10 paired with the stinger 8 is perfect. You can fit everything you need and nothing you don’t!