• Mosko Moto Tailbag Stinger 8L Tailbag
  • Mosko Moto Tailbag Stinger 8L Tailbag
  • Mosko Moto Tailbag Stinger 8L Tailbag
  • Mosko Moto Tailbag Stinger 8L Tailbag

Stinger 8L Tailbag
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The Stinger 8 is an incredibly versatile roll-top drybag designed to mount as a tail/fender bag on smaller bikes, for carrying tools, tubes and other essentials, or as a topper on hard-side panniers or top boxes. It also turns into a backpack, in case you need a daypack for hiking into a hot spring, or making a quick trip into town for supplies. The backpack straps stash away in an internal pocket, and then deploy through the opening of the bag, clipping to two d-rings on the bottom. When the Stinger is setup as a backpack its capacity is larger than 8L.

On the bottom of the Stinger 8 we added four sewn-on connection straps that loop through ladderlocks on the top of the bag, so you can connect it to fender cleats on a dirt bike, or to a luggage rack or hard-side pannier. When not in use, the straps stash away in a flat pocket on the back. If you prefer to use a different connection system, there are webbing pass-throughs on the top of the bag which can accommodate any kind of strap.

The Stinger 8 also works great inside our Reckless 40L harness.


- Main body made from durable 22oz PVC with welded seams. Bottom panel made from heavy duty 32oz PVC.

- Backpack straps that stash away in an internal pocket.

- 4 connection straps to hold the bag on a luggage rack or fender.

- Webbing pass-throughs to keep the bag securely attached to the bike, if you want to use your own connection straps. 



- Capacity: 8 Liters

- Width: 8.75"

- Height: 7.0"

- Total Length: 15.5"

- Rolled Length: 11"

- Weight: 1.34 lb

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