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Reckless 80/10 Replacement Rear Mounting Strap

This is a replacement rear mounting strap for the Reckless 80 or Reckless 10. It will fit any generation of the Reckless 80 or 10 harness, but it is not compatible with the Reckless 40.

The strap comes with a double-enforced stitched loop, attaching easily to your Reckless harness. Quickly replace your old strap by pulling out the blue reinforcement bar located in the center section of your Reckless harness, place the loop around the bar, then return the bar to the webbing loops. Be sure to securely close the Velcro over the end.

Includes 1 straps with buckle and looped end.

The Reckless 80 requires 3 rear straps, and the Reckless 10 requires 2 rear straps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I have been using the Reckless 80 for a few years now. I just needed some replacement parts. All I need to say is great, well thought out product. Great service. Thanks Mosko

Very well made and well thought out gear,

Super durable and designed by people who ride. I lived out of my Reckless 80 for 6 months, through a winter and spring in the Pacific Northwest and my gear stayed bone dry while in the bags. Easy on-easy off and modular. I love the gear and the company is excellent to deal with.

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