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Reckless 80/40 Replacement Leg Straps

* Our leg straps will be back in stock in October. If you'd like to be informed when they're back in stock please add your email to the Contact Us field at the bottom of this page on the right. Thank you for your patience!

These are replacement leg straps for the Reckless 80 or Reckless 40 harnesses. One order includes two straps.

These straps come with a cam buckle for simple and secure cinching of the Reckless harnesses to your bike. They can quickly replace your old straps by pulling out the blue reinforcement bar located in the bottom of the legs, placing the loop around the bar, then returning the bar to the webbing loops. Finish by using the Velcro closures, ensuring a snug fit. These come with a Velcro strap-keeper, so your excess strap lengths won't flap in the wind or get chewed up.

Price is per pair.

Product Specs
  • Length: 39" (per strap)
  • Width of strap: 1" (per strap)
  • Weight: .13 lbs (per strap)
  • Customer Reviews

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    Damn good luggage

    I have now had these bags in some pretty rough high passes and dumped my bike several times in the rocks. The bags look like new and show no damage at all! Truly tough bags.

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