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The Reckless 10 is a minimalist luggage solution for dirt bikes and dual sports. It's a bag for trail builders and explorers. Lighten up your trail riding backpack, and move some of that weight down to the bike.

Reckless 10L


The Reckless 10 is a minimalist luggage solution for dirt bikes and dual sports. It's for the riders searching out single-track on a small bike, covered in dust, with minimal gear, a dirt mustache, and a shit-eating grin. It’s a bag for trail builders and explorers. Lighten up your trail riding backpack, and move some of that weight down to the bike.


The Reckless 10 radically transforms your trail-riding experience by taking all the weight of tools, tubes, snacks, jacket, and extra fuel out of your backpack and off your back, transferring it to the bike instead. 

With the R10, you can carry up to 5 extra fuel bottles, four of which can be stored in the harness, and one in an optional MOLLE bottle holder on the non-exhaust side of the bike. The fuel bottles can be connected to each other with a leash that is provided on the bottom of the R10 dry bag. This is a cost-effective way of extending your range without having to purchase a large aftermarket desert tank.

It comes with two waterproof roll-top dry bags that you can access easily throughout the day. The side dry bags have clear panels on the front, making it easy for you to see which bag has the item you need. The harness has a removable beavertail in the center – perfect for carrying a rolled-up windbreaker or rain jacket. The clips that attach it are gated, allowing you to remove the beavertails or re-orient them to run perpendicular to the bike if you want to add a third dry bag, like the Stinger 8L or large MOLLE Pouch, for extra storage capacity. 

  • Removable and rotatable beavertail
  • Two removable 5L dry bags
  • MOLLE expandability
  • Reckless 10L harness
  • Two 5L dry bags
  • Heat shield with hose clamp
  • Cleat kit for mounting



  • Exhaust heat damage is not covered under warranty. Please use the included heat shield and follow the installation instructions carefully.
  • On dual-exhaust bikes or bikes with especially high/exposed pipes, you will need a second heat shield, available for purchase in our website's Hardware & Parts section.
  • Contact between soft luggage (no matter how soft) and your bike's plastics or painted surfaces will cause cosmetic wear to the bike over time because accumulated dirt is abrasive. If that is important, try applying a clear protective film (like Allstar Performance Tape or 3M Polymask Protective Tape) to your bike.
  • Different bikes and installation approaches present different wear points to the Reckless 10 harness. After installation, go for a short test ride, then check for wear points. Adjust the harness position, file down sharp rack edges, or apply a sacrificial wear patch as needed. Continue to check for high-wear points over time, but remember that the harness is made to take a lot of abuse. Some visible wear is normal, and in no way does it affect the strength or waterproofness of the luggage.

Reckless 10L is designed to fit a wide variety of motorcycles – from small enduro-style bikes up to larger adventure bikes. 


The 2 Bag System

Tough bag on the outside, dry bag on the inside. The outer bag is engineered to resist punctures, abrasion, and tears. The 100% waterproof inner drybag is constructed of 22oz 840D TPU with welded seams, keeping water out and your stuff bone dry.

Infinite Expandability

Customize and configure your R10 exactly the way you want it. The Hypalon MOLLE panels fit most belt clips for adding things like an inReach, or multitool. The rear Beavertail creates a convenient spot to tuck a jacket or a third drybag for extra storage capacity.

Compatible With Most Bikes

The R10 doesn't require pannier racks, allowing it to fit small enduros up to larger ADV bikes. Making it an excellent choice for fly-to-ride trips or riders who own multiple bikes.


1. Removable and/or adjustable beavertail stash spot

2. MOLLE expandability

3. Two removable 5L dry bags

4. Two bag system – Tough bag outside. Dry bag inside.

5. Multiple latch points under beavertail




  • Two 5L dry bags


  • Length: 12in / 30.5cm
  • Width: 7in / 18cm
  • Height: 5in / 13cm
  • Weight: 4.6lbs / 2kg (including dry bags)
Construction & Materials

Harness Materials

  • 1680D Ballistic Nylon with Hypalon armor
  • Leg holsters wrapped behind harness and riveted, to eliminate seam failures
  • Harness constructed with internal PE stiffener to prevent flopping
  • Aluminum stiffener supports built into each leg of harness adding lateral rigidity
  • EVA foam pad on underside of harness reduces chafe to the luggage and the bike
  • Reflective logos and material on each leg

Dry Bag Materials

  • 100% waterproof durable 800D polyurethane coated (PVC free) with welded seams

Exhaust Heat Shield Materials

  • Laser-cut anodized aluminum
Product Care

Visit our Help Center for Product Care info.


We never cut corners during development or manufacturing, so we stand behind our products. If one fails due to a problem with materials or workmanship, we’ll make it right. All Mosko Moto products include:

Limited Lifetime Warranty

'Limited' means it does not cover:

  • wear & tear
  • neglect/misuse/abuse
  • aesthetics
  • sun degradation
  • modification and/or use for a purpose other than what the item was designed for

Crash Care Program

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Customer Reviews

Based on 478 reviews
Michael James
Reckless 10 Honda 300l

Vectored various bags and a rack on the 21 Honda 300L either to bulky or to heavy (more room you fill it)
Now with the Reckless system you get the waterproof plus the big thing it’s a holster designed so your bag goes out and with the window you get to everything easily without digging and dropping stuff! I’ve added the tool roll and works great as well simple and well thought out..the Reckless system is the best system for keeping weight low and being able to get to what you need it’s just perfect then the Beavertail holds whatever too what a cool idea! Like I said its ideal!

I love it

This is my daily reckless. (I also use the 40). Its perfect to pack lunch, water, rain jacket, cap/hat and everything needed for a day of riding.

Minimal on the bike you barely know its there.

The Orange version is glorious on my KTM.

Chris Vestal
best bags ever

these are the best quality, best fitting bags I have installed on my bike
Form and Function

Felipe Castro
Great bags option for enduro

Perfect bags to take on a day long enduro ride. Able to fit tools, additional water, gas and more. Super estable on the bike. Easy to mount, take off and wash. Great quality product!

Daniel Roush
Absolutely Perfect "Luggage" for day rides on my enduro bikes

I've been a huge fan of Mosko products and their story for many years now. I have the pannier system that's lived on many of my bikes, currently on my Pan America Special, as well as several of the dry bags, tank bags, etc... In this instance, I was heading to Moab for 8 days of riding with friends, taking my T7 and my Beta 500RR for the more technical rides. I chose it because we weren't doing overnights and I wanted something easy to transition from bike to bike. It only took me about 15 minutes to do the install on both bikes, super easy. I didn't even need the extra heat shield on the T7. I was able to put it pretty far back on both bikes which gave me lots of room to move around on the more difficult terrain. I also ordered the small tank bag (I forget the name) as I wanted something smaller than the larger Nomad bag, to put my phone/wallet/headlamp in but still allow me to move up on the tank when needed. Both are the perfect solution and I do appreciate the additional color options. It looks pretty badass on the T7 as many many people have made comments about it. Good stuff. The price can seem like a hard pill to swallow at first, but when you see the quality and get to talk to actual people on the phone when you need help, you realize that it is absolutely worth it. My next purchase will probably be the Basilisk riding apparel, if I can ever catch the Mosko team at a bike show to try it on first.