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Our Tent Pole Bag is a welded-seam, roll-top drybag designed to replace the flimsy bag that came with your tent. We carry our tent poles separately from our tent, because it makes the whole thing much easier to pack. However, when the poles are stored on the outside of your luggage, they tend to wear holes through the OEM bag, allowing tent stakes and poles to escape. Our tent pole bag, made from sturdy double-layer 800D PU, solves those problems.

(Onyx/Orange is available for preorder with expected delivery in May 2024. If you’re ordering in-stock and preorder items and need your in-stock ones right away, please place two separate orders or all items will ship with the preorder.)


Many of us store our tent poles separately from our tent, which makes the tent itself much easier to pack. However, when the poles are stored on the outside of your luggage, the tent poles tend to vibrate against the inside of the OEM bag and wear holes in the material over time, which allows tent stakes and poles to escape. Our tent pole bag, made from sturdy double-layer 22oz vinyl, resolves those problems.


The tent pole bag can be connected to the daisy chains on the inside of the Reckless 80 beavertail, or to the daisy chains on the top of the Backcountry 30 Duffle v2.0, or to any other bag or luggage rack with lash-down points. It includes two webbing attachment straps.

Note: this bag is designed for 1-3 man backpacking tents. It may not fit tent poles for larger family-size and/or expedition tents.

  • Tent pole bag
  • Two webbing attachment straps


  • Diameter: 4" / 10.2cm
  • Total Length: 24" / 61cm
  • Rolled Length: 20" / 50.8cm
  • Weight: 1 lb / 0.5kg
Construction & Materials

800D polyurethane coated (PVC free) with welded-seams

Product Care

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Morris & Jason Spafford, Four Wheeled Nomad
Mosko Moto Tent Pole Bags Rock Our World!

These Mosko Moto Tent Pole Bags? They're the unsung heroes of our Reckless Luggage setup! I mean, I toss my tennis shoes in there, while Jason’s all about fitting his travel tripod snug as a bug. They're spot-on. Super sturdy, slim enough to slip under the beavertail, and totally waterproof. Talk about a perfect fit for our adventures! Cheers, Lisa and Jase

Leo Thibodeaux
Tent pole bag

The bag is perfect size, and and shares the same quality as all my other mosko products, quite satisfied

Hey Leo!

We are glad you appreciate the quality of your Mosko gear.

Michael Smalec
A little more than just a tent pole bag

2 man Tent poles, tent foot print, tent pegs 30 ft of paracord and a little room to spare strap it down and forget about it. Great addition to my reckless 40

Chris Bennett
Great Bit of Kit

The Mosko Moto Tent Pole is brilliant. It is sturdy enough for both my rent poles and my tent stakes. It is also multipurpose. I can use it to carry a bottled or canned beverages. The moly straps are fabulous as well. I ride. 2013 BMW F800GT so space is a premium.

Charles Reasons

Great product, excellent quality!