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Tent Pole Bag

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Our Tent Pole Bag is a welded-seam, roll-top drybag that replaces the flimsy OEM bag that came with you tent. Many of us store our tent poles separate from our tent, which makes the tent itself much easier to pack. However, when the poles are stored on the outside of your luggage, the tent poles tend to vibrate against the inside of the OEM bag and wear holes in the material over time, which allows tent stakes and poles to escape. Our tent pole bag, made from sturdy double-layer 22oz vinyl, resolves those problems.

The tent pole bag can be connected to the daisy chains on the inside of the Reckless 80 beavertail, or to the daisy chains on the top of the Backcountry 30 Duffle v2.0, or to any other bag or luggage rack with lash-down points. It includes two webbing attachment straps.

Note: this bag is designed for 1-3 man backpacking tents. It may not fit tent poles for larger family-size and/or expedition tents.


- Main body made from durable 22oz PVC with welded seams. 

- Use alone or with the Reckless 80 or Backcountry 30L Duffle. 



- Diameter: 4"

- Total Length: 24"

- Rolled Length: 20"

- Weight: 1 lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
I know my tent poles will be there.

I was having trouble finding a way of packing my tent poles that made me feel confident they'd be intact, and still with me, when I got to the campsite.

My MSR Elixir 1 footprint, pegs, and poles, fit in the bag with room to spare.

The included straps allow me to fasten it to my bike securely, and the bag itself is tough enough that I know they'll be well protected in there.

Another awesome piece from Mosko!

Tent Pole Bag

With Michigan Winter in effect, I've yet to field test my new Mosko Moto tent pole bag, but I'm experienced enough to know great build quality when I put my hands on just such an item. This bag is top notch just like my good friends Backcountry 35 Panniers that I helped install. I purchased this tent pole bag to securely house my "Dirt Napper" (big-bike ratcheting lift) and aid in securing it to the top of a hard pannier or the back rack when traveling solo. Or, I may occasionally use it for tent poles and stakes when the circumstances allow. Thanks, GAS GUY

A great storage for your poles

Moving to soft bags and want to have something for the tent poles to be able to grab quickly and get ready while making camp.

This really hits the mark and is a great add to my kit.

Great Bag

Thx for making a great bag

Tent pole bag

I am very pleased with the purchase of the Mosko tent pole bag. I wanted to remove the tent poles from my scout since my poles are just long enough to rub on the interior of the scout. And, as a bonus, the tent pole bag can hold my tent poles as well as three cans of beer for the stop prior to camping.

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