• Mosko Moto Hardware Puck Sak
  • Mosko Moto Hardware Puck Sak

Puck Sak
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Used to connect the Wedge Mount to your pannier rack.  With two extra wedges and a Puck Sak, you can use one set of panniers on two bikes.  Puck Sak includes 8 blue anodized pucks, 8 black anodized stainless steel black washers, and 16 black anodized screws.  It is no longer necessary to order a special puck for SW Motech racks, the latest version of the standard puck fits SW Motech racks.  Check the Fitment Page for additional rack information.  Note: these are included with the pannier kits, so it is only necessary to order them separately if you want to setup a mounting system on a second bike.

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