• Mounting Wedge (Single)
  • Mounting Wedge (Single)
  • Mounting Wedge (Single)
  • Mounting Wedge (Single)

Mounting Wedge (Single)
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This Glass-Filled Nylon mounting wedge is great for replacement or setting up a second bike. 

Before ordering extra or replacement wedges: identify whether the mounting system on your bags is made from machined High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or injection molded Glass-Filled Nylon. If you require HDPE please email tiffanyl@moskomoto.com.

In July 2016 we switched from machining to injection molding for our Backcountry Pannier mounts. However the Scout pannier mounting system still uses HDPE. The two systems are not compatible. In other words, you cannot use a Nylon wedge with a HDPE mounting frame or vice-versa.

If you are buying extra/replacement wedges for bags you previously purchased: prior to July 2016, all pannier mounts were made from HDPE. A quick way to tell the difference is to look at the back of the wedges and frames that you already have. If they have a honeycomb pattern on the back like in this photo, they're made from glass filled nylon. If they're smooth like the product photos on this page, they're HDPE.

If you are buying extra/replacement wedges for newly purchased bags: the Backcountry 35 Pannier Kit comes with injection molded Glass-Filled Nylon mounts, the Scout 25 Pannier Kit comes with machined HDPE mounts. You will want to order the same type of wedges as the ones that come with your pannier kit (Backcountry 35 = Nylon, Scout 25 = HDPE). 

*The first two pictures are the Glass-Filled Nylon Wedge, then the HDPE Frame and Wedge follow. 

If you'd like to upgrade your Backcountry Panniers to glass-filled nylon please see our Retrofit Kit

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