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Moto Strap

Voile Straps® were invented more than three decades ago as a unique way to bind skis together. They've since evolved into an incredible way to secure, bundle, or repair almost anything on the go. Simple, compact, and insanely strong, Voile Straps® have become an indispensable part of our trail kits here at Mosko.

Just a few of the possible uses:
  • Secure a pouch, tool roll, or that trail-side find to your bike
  • Repair your busted bike or luggage after a crash
  • Splint a broken bone, or apply pressure to an open wound
  • Daisy chain them together to create a longer strap
  • Bundle firewood for transport back to camp
Product Specs

20" Black:

  • Total Length: 23.25" / 59.1cm
  • Usable Length Range: 7in - 20in / 17.8cm - 50.8cm
  • Width: 1" / 25mm


18" Blue:

  • Total Length: 21" / 53.3cm
  • Usable Length Range: 5.6in - 18in / 14.3cm - 45.7cm
  • Width: 0.8" / 20mm
Construction + Materials
  • Strap Material: UV-Resistant Polyurethane, with just the right amount of stretch
  • Buckle Material: Heat-Treated Aluminum

Customer Reviews

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Got Straps?

Why do a review on the new Mosko Moto Strap by Voile? Two reasons. First, these things are handy. I was in the middle of the desert and needed to do a field repair on my bike. My buddy pulled out a bundle of straps and it allowed me to get creative and continue on for the next 100 miles to camp. There are many uses for this strap. You can carry additional items and affix them securely to your bike or Mosko Moto Reckless bag. In a medical situation, if you have several of them, you could make a sling.

The second reason I felt these new Mosko Moto straps needed a proper review is because the pictures on the website did not do them justice. You can read that they are different lengths, but what you can’t tell is that they are different width and a slight increase in thickness. I recommend buying them in pairs. One in each size. I ended up purchasing 4 straps (two black & two blue).

I took some pics to show the size differences between the two.

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