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Autotomous Belt

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Whether wearing it on or off the bike the Autotomous belt is built to last.

Made of full grain leather with removable/replaceable Mosko belt buckle it features a large Mosko Moto emboss adding a subtle detail. The 7-hole pattern allows this belt to easily fit in any circumstance. Easily adjusting to fit over your favorite denim or over multiple layers of riding gear.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome belt!

My wife has been harassing me for some time about my old stretched worn out brown leather belt (complete with zip ties) that I have been wearing for pretty much the whole time she has known me (25 years+). Yes, it's beat but I loved it. I'm sure you understand. Well I went out on a limb and ordered this along with my luggage order. Turns out I absolutely love it! Not only is it from one of my favorite moto gear companies but is is actually a very nice belt! Especially for the money. I will admit that I would pay a little more for it if it was Made In the USA but I'm over it at this point (I guess). Although I'll admit I was a little disappointed. Anyways, you have a customer for the foreseeable future and now I'm advertising for you for free. Well, free for you anyways. lol Keep up the good work!

Mosko belt

Amazing quality. True to size. Fits perfectly all my riding pants.

Well Refined!

Great gear, great design, highly recommend their gear and soft luggage!

Mosko tank bag

Fantastic as usual. I love knowing whatever products I order for Mosko Moto it’s going to be built to last and very versatile. Thanks again for a great product.

moskomoto belt

best belt i've had in a while, had people ask about it, i love it. it's so great, i ordered a 2nd! i emailed with customer service prior to make sure sizing was correct and they went out of their way to answer my questions and provide measuring assistance. a tank bag is next! thanks moskomoto

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