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Pete Day

Co-Founder & CEO

“My appetite for raw, gritty travel is currently stronger than ever, and motorcycles are still my tool of choice."

Growing up on the East Coast, my wanderlust started young. At 15 I left home to ride freight trains and hitchhike all over North America. My first motorbike was a 1974 Honda CB550, which I bought after hitchhiking to Alaska for a cannery job. Since then I've explored many parts of the world by moto, including places like Africa, Asia, and South/Central America.

“It doesn't matter if you have a brand new, high-tech machine or an old beater you bought off craigslist.”

When I left home I also dropped out of school. I finished my education later, enrolling first at a junior college (Simon's Rock) and then at Colorado College, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics. After several years in the finance industry, I went back to school again for a graduate degree in business. By the time I finished grad school nobody asked about high school anymore, and my nomadic teenage years were just an interesting campfire story. 


Before Mosko I spent a decade running a consumer product design and manufacturing business. Our products were carried in thousands of retail stores worldwide. I saw again and again how the cost of an item would multiply as it traveled from the factory to retail shelves. I also experienced first-hand the challenge of designing something unique when you face the same costs and use the same factories as everyone else. After 10 years of that I'd had enough, so I packed my bike and headed for Panama. The trip had a few surprises in store (described in this article), and ultimately led to my partnership with Andrew and the founding of Mosko Moto. 

My appetite for raw, gritty travel is currently stronger than ever, and motorcycles are still my tool of choice. The places I want to explore are endless. When I'm not on a moto, I like to mountain bike, kite/windsurf, freedive, hike/backpack, snowboard, and do pretty much anything else outdoors. The Columbia River Gorge is my home & base camp.