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JC Davis

Road Boss

"There’s a certain joy to riding two wheels; it has long been a freedom for me and I suppose it always will be."

I was fortunate enough to be born in Colorado and to have parents that love the outdoors. As a kid I spent endless hours in the backcountry, often bouncing around in the back of a Willys Jeep. Then, one day my father came home with a Yamaha 250 and a Suzuki 185. I believe I was about five years old then, and I would have my first motorcycle ride with my mother while she was learning to ride the Suzuki. It was a different time then.

Some years later, when I was 11 or so, one of my friends' grandparents brought home a pair of Honda 75’s. We each threw a leg over the bike, and made quick work of transforming the estate’s windy dirt roads into an epic race course. There was no question; I was hooked!

As soon as I graduated high school I would purchase a brand new Honda 600 XL complete with pro lake suspension. Yes indeed, it was a dream come true. Since that time I’m proud to have only purchased one other brand new bike - a 2014 BMW 1200GSA.

In that same time I would buy some 40 used bikes - trying the different shapes and sizes and realizing all of them are fun, each in their own way.

In 2014, I was struck with an idea for what would become my next big passion and personally-developed project - ‘Expedition Electric'. I set the goal to ride from Alaska to Argentina on custom electric motorcycles. We converted three KTM 950 Adventure bikes into electric-powered machines, and in 2016 we would head toward Alaska to put the bikes on the ground for the big attempt. Unfortunately, as we made our way through British Columbia we suffered a major battery failure that left us completely out of juice and unable to continue.

It was an amazing experience, and I look forward to the possibility of eventually setting out for another big attempt. I still want realize that dream, I’ll complete the journey on electric motorcycles someday, I just know it.

There’s a certain joy to riding two wheels; it has long been a freedom for me and I suppose it always will be. Sharing that joy and freedom with others is a wonderful gift, and I now get to do that alongside the growing Mosko team.