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Fernando Eugui

Customer Experience Rep.

"So I quit my job, booked a flight ticket to Munich, and shipped my beloved F850GSA to Germany."

My love for motorcycles started at the age of 4, as I watched the motorcycles pass by through the car window. My parents say “moto” was the second word that came out of my mouth.

I grew up in Mexico City and no one in my family had a history with motorcycles, they were completely off-limits. When I was about 10, my sister and my two brothers and I successfully convinced my parents into letting us buy our first Carabela Ponymatic 60cc. After my first ride, I was completely hooked on the motorcycle world. My second bike was a Sachs Madass 125cc that I shared with one of my brothers and used to go to university.

I studied Industrial Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana. Halfway through university, I was fed up with exams and lectures that I decided to take a semester break and backpacked through Spain, Turkey, Romania, and India. I ended up working in farms, hostels, and kitchens. After the backpacking experience, I started dreaming of traveling around the world with a motorcycle (still only a dream but working hard on getting it realized).

After finishing university, I quickly landed my first job at Coca-Cola FEMSA. After two years I realized I was not a great fit for that company as my passion was clearly into motorcycles. So, I applied to BMW and got a job as a “used car specialist” and after less than two years, I finally landed a spot at the Motorcycle department as Sales Manager. During this time, I learned a ton about the motorcycle world and had the opportunity to own several BMWs, and was fortunate enough to test ride all the models.

Although I enjoyed my job at BMW, in the middle of the global pandemic I decided that I needed a change. So I quit my job, booked a flight ticket to Munich, and shipped my beloved F850GSA to Germany. All of this to experience a new chapter in my life and finally be together with my girlfriend. Now that I join the Mosko family, it feels like the biggest cherry on top of the ice cream and I can’t wait to try it.

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