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Anna Farkac


Born and raised in the Oregon countryside, I have always been drawn to the simple life. Splitting my time between traveling the country and running freely through my father’s timber farm, I learned what it was all about; having as much crazy fun as possible! As a child, I was spending sunny afternoons climbing hundreds of feet in the air, helping my father pick pine cones, or falling asleep in a new state every night selling specialty tie-dye apparel. I quickly got to work enjoying all the adventure the soggy northwest has to offer, skiing before I could even walk and later snowboarding, longboarding, and surfing into adulthood. 

My teenage years were full of backpacking. I traveled most of the United States, Israel, Europe, as well as South America. I loved exploring so much of the world, eating fanciful foods, and meeting all types of characters, but something was missing. The simple, slow life was all well and good, but I was certain there was some je ne sais quoi absent from my time. I realized I wanted to live fast. I craved a speed that was completely foreign to me after all my time on just two legs. The answer was clear; I needed to become an accountant. I moved to Portland, enrolled in college, and graduated from Portland State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

The breakneck world of financial advising was everything that I dreamed it would be and more. Dividends and spreadsheets became my bread and butter. Yet again, another problem arose. My family was much too pleased that I had settled into a reliable and responsible profession. I thought back to my childhood. I recalled never being allowed to ride motorcycles as a child because they were “too dangerous.” As an accountant, I had become all too familiar with danger. I needed a ride to match my newfound cutthroat lifestyle. Thusly, I bought the biggest, baddest hog I could find; the 2001 KTM LC4. The bike was much too big for me, but once I was flying through the streets and careening across the trails, I just couldn’t keep away. Quickly thereafter, I started riding for non-accounting purposes as well. With no one to teach me, I would come home hopelessly wounded, but I had never felt 

While volunteering at a trials event, I heard tell of a certain Columbia gorge based moto apparel and soft luggage company, coincidentally in need of an accountant. I was quite pleased to find a position so perfectly suited to my life! Now you can find me trail hopping through the backcountry, all while making numbers move for Mosko Moto. Stoke!

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