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New Products, Colors, & Design Updates

We have some new products, new colors, and design updates to our bags now in stock and shipping! 

To celebrate ten years of Mosko, we're launching a limited-edition color: 10-Year High Desert. We're stoked to launch the all-new Mule Gear Hauler, First Aid Kit, and a range of Packing Cubes to help organize your stuff. We're also introducing updated bag designs for flagship products, like the Backcountry Panniers, Backcountry Duffles, and Nomax Tank Bag:

Backcountry Panniers v2.5

Our flagship panniers get a range of refinements in version 2.5. Built with more eco-friendly recycled materials and available in the new 10-Year High Desert color, updated Black, and the return of Woodland.
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Backcountry 30L & 40L Duffles v2.5

Our Backcountry 30L & 40L Duffles are now available in updated Black and High Desert to coordinate with the Backcountry Panniers.
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Scout 30L & 50L Duffles

New color addition in High Desert, plus a restock in Black and Woodland.
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Nomax Tank Bag v3.0

Our Nomax Tank Bag gets major design updates, including an additional expansion zipper, adding 2.5 liters of optional volume, upgraded backpack straps, an InReach pocket, and a lighter weight, recycled 630D material.
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Pico Tank Bag

A new color addition in High Desert.
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Nomini Tank Bag

A new color addition in High Desert.
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Navigator Cell Phone Case

Additional new color in High Desert, along with a restock on Black and Woodland.
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Gnat Handlebar Bag

A new color addition in High Desert.
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Wildcat 12L Backpack

A new color addition in High Desert.
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Wildcat Backpack Rain Cover

A deployable waterproof rain cover that fits the Wildcat 12L and 8L Backpacks, available as a standalone item.
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First Aid Kit

100% waterproof external 4-liter dry bag with a ripstop fabric inner bag that contains CE Certified and FDA Approved first aid kit items. The design matches our existing Auxiliary Pockets, so it can be slid into an Aux Pox holster or attached with Molle Stix.

Featuring a bright red color and first aid cross graphic for fast recognition by anyone in your riding group in emergency situations, this kit works with our Backcountry Panniers, Duffles, Reckless Bags, or any mounting point with Molle attachments.
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Mule Gear Hauler

The Mule Gear Hauler is a new roller luggage system designed to haul all your travel gear for international fly-to-ride trips and staging from your truck for local trail rides. The top and bottom portions separate easily into two bags to check at the airport or use with just one bag for trips with less gear.

The top portion has an expansion zipper for an added 43 liters of optional volume to go from 157 liters to 200 liters, while the folding internal frame allows the bottom portion to collapse for shipping and storage.

The Mule comes with separate internal organization bags, including helmet and boot bags, plus one large and two smaller universal zippered packaging cubes. (The packaging cubes are also designed to work with our Backcountry Panniers for double duty.)

Built with 100% recycled PET 900D polyester ripstop fabric and reinforced with ultra-tough hypalon sections in high-wear zones, this beast was built for serious long-haul ADV travelers and enduro riders who want moto-specific luggage.
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Mule / Backcountry Pannier Packing Cube Set

Our new packing cube set for the Mosko Mule and Backcountry Panniers is available as a standalone purchase. The set includes one large and two smaller zippered packaging cubes. (One set fills one side of a Backcountry Pannier. Order two sets to organize both left and right panniers.)
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Reckless 80L Packing Cube Sets

A new packing cube set specifically designed to fit the Reckless 80L leg dry bags. Includes four color-coded organizing cubes, two for each side of the Reckless 80.
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Strata Merino Wool Top and Bottom

Two new colors to our Base Layers in Umber and Pewter.
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