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A note on product creation.

Designing for adventure riders presents many unique challenges. This sport is incredibly punishing on gear. The equipment stays outside for extended periods of time in the sun, rain, and snow, and is constantly pelted by flying rocks and debris. Our bags have to be user-friendly, but tough as nails; waterproof, but easy to access; durable, but light. They have to stay attached to the bike in a crash, but quick-release back at the campsite.

Consistent with the concept of ‘dual-sport,’ nearly everything we make serves multiple purposes. Rear duffles convert into hike-out packs, connection straps become emergency tie-downs, and our tank bag doubles as a hydration pack. Riders can customize their bags with MOLLE, adding storage for tools, tubes, and fluids. Space is always at a premium, and every rider packs differently, so modularity and adaptability are always at the forefront of my mind.

One of the benefits of selling direct is that we never have to compromise on materials or construction. As a designer, I love the freedom this affords. At the large outdoor companies I designed for in the past, we spent hours arguing over the price of a single buckle or zipper. At Mosko, because we don’t hand over half the selling price to a retailer, designing is a lot more fun. We never have to cut corners.

Asking the community

When we identify a product need – either something missing or something we can improve upon – our first stop is the Mosko thread. Here we collect feedback from hundreds of riders around the world. Nearly every feature that appears on our bags has been extensively debated online before we try it. We look for ideas and trends with broad consensus, and these are the ones we focus on.

Warranty and Crash Replacement

We offer an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty on all our sewn seam bags, and a two year warranty on welded seam bags. Contact us for discounted crash replacement pricing.

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