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Hardware Pak for Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame

This hardware pak is exclusively used to attach the newer Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame to all generations of the Backcountry Panniers.

With one order you receive 6 washers, 6 screws, and 6 T-Nuts - enough for one bag. Screws come with locktite pre-applied. Compatible with both the modern Speed-Pin style frames and older Rotary Draw Latch style frames.

If you have panniers with the discontinued HDPE mounting frames, you will need to purchase the Retrofit Kit: Speed-Pin Frame & Wedge UpgradeThis kit includes everything you need to upgrade - wedge, frame, and hardware.

*The older style HDPE mounts (pre-July 2016) are not compatible with the current glass-filled nylon frame and wedge parts. We no longer stock replacement HDPE parts, so it's time to upgrade your panniers with the Retrofit Kit: Speed-Pin Frame & Wedge Upgrade. It's much stronger, and you will love the Speed-Pin latch system! Not sure which style you have? Check for the molded 'honeycomb pattern' pictured below. The HDPE mounts didn't have it.

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Pål "Grustur i øst"
Hardware Pak for Glass-Filled Nylon Mounting Frame?

Ok, just what I needed.

Once again Mosko Delivers

I had always wanted hard cans (panniers) for my bike as thought that was the only “real” option for a “cool dude overlander” (irony alert as I am none of that). I certainly had read enough about the differences i.e. pros and cons, of hard vs. soft luggage for off road but it was only when, while duck walking across an extra deep stream, having my foot slip on the algae coated rocks and having a near catastrophic ankle injury, as it got caught between the bike/rocks/pannier, that I decided to make the switch. I did my research and Mosko was my choice.

I have now had several instances of working with Mosko’s customer support folks for various reasons (e.g. what type bag, rack for OEM, etc.) to understand that I made an excellent choice. My most recent experience was related to one of the mounting screws that had come loose from the 35L pannier frame, several others were loose as well. Well I called Mosko on a Monday and replacement screws were on my doorstep by Friday! Wow, all I can say is Wow!

There have been other extraordinary service interactions, to many for this review, but lets just say that my interactions with this company has done nothing but reenforce the wisdom of my decision to buy the Mosko 35L panniers in the first place. The fact that Mosko is a small local company and that your interactions with them are personal i.e. real people (did you know that if you leave a message or even call and just hang up, they will actually call you back, is a huge added bonus? Customer service, what a concept!

Wade Mrack
Warranty work

I was recently on a adventure motorcycle trip and a tree branch skewered my 35l backcountry pannier and ripping the inner water proof liner. Sent it to Mosko they fixed the outer bag beautifully and sent me a brand new inner liner all free of charge. I continue to support there products because I know they put alot of thought and research into every product they sell. There products speak for themselves, definitely well worth the money. Cheers, Wade Mrack Ucluelet BC

Ionut Micu
overepriced bolts

These bolts and locking nuts from the hardware pack can be found at any regular hardware store for a fraction of the price. I understand Mosko has to make a profit, but 8 EUR for 6 bolts is outrageous.

Aaron Hallenbeck
Mounting frame

Solid piece of gear, quality built