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Compact ADV Lock

The Compact ADV Lock is the easy-carry solution for quick stops - leave your bags on the bike while you pop in for lunch or groceries. This unique cable lock cinches down tight, so it will also stay in place while riding, and keep out prying hands at border crossings, stoplights, etc.

The 5mm cable is so compact that you can easily travel with a set, and not even notice you have them. It fits neatly in the lock-pocket of your Backcountry bag, or in a MOLLE pouch, tank bag, or other small pocket. Plus it’s a programmable combo lock, so forget the stress of fumbling for keys, too!

Sold individually.

The unique cinch-able cable tightens around the outside of your bag, securing the roll-top and making installation easy, no matter how much (or little) you packed. It also seamlessly integrates with the locking bar found on our Backcountry series bags, a feature that makes it impossible for someone to yank the cable off the roll-top and gain access to your stuff. The bag is also simultaneously locked to the bike, when you pass the lock through your rack, grab handle, or bike frame.

Our ADV locks are made from cut-resistant steel cable, with a bright blue PVC coating for visibility and corrosion resistance. Although the Compact ADV Lock won’t stand up to a determined thief, visible deterrents are very effective against snatch-and-grab theft. If you’re looking for a higher-security option, don’t miss our Heavy Duty ADV Lock.

The Compact ADV lock comes in two lengths: 5ft (1.5M) and 6ft (1.9M), and we recommend ordering the following quantities:

- Backcountry 25/35L Pannier Kit: Two 5' Locks
- Backcountry 30/40L Duffle: One 6' Lock
- Scout 25L Pannier Kit: Two 5' Locks
- Scout Duffle (any size): One 5' Lock
- Reckless 80: Four 5' Locks (two for center duffle, one for each side bag)

*Video with mounting instructions coming soon!

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  1. Super-compact 5mm diameter cable
  2. Programmable and re-settable 3-digit combination lock
  3. Seamless integration with Backcountry series locking bars
  4. Cinch-able lock tightens around bag
  5. Supports single or double loop configurations
Product Specs
  • Length: 5' (1.5m), or 6' (1.8m)
  • Secures bag to the bike, and also locks it closed
  • Can be combined with additional locks for increased length
Construction + Materials
  • PVC coated 5mm steel cable
  • Zinc Alloy Lock Body

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