• Mosko Moto Hardware BMW R1200GSA - Water Cooled Adapter
  • Mosko Moto Hardware BMW R1200GSA - Water Cooled Adapter
  • Mosko Moto Hardware BMW R1200GSA - Water Cooled Adapter

BMW R1200GSA / R1250GSA / F850GSA - Water Cooled Adapter

$ 100.00

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Product details

This BMW Water Cooled adapter provides a flat surface for mounting the Mosko Moto wedge that comes with the Backcountry Panniers. This adapter provides a flat surface for the Mosko mounting wedge on the OEM Touratech-made BMW BMW R1200GSA / R1250GSA / F850GSA Water Cooled racks. Please review the picture below and visually confirm that this is the correct rack before ordering. This does not work with the OEM "Vario" style cases.

Note that this adapter set is meant to be purchased along with Mosko Moto Backcountry Panniers. In order to mount this adapter on the bike, the BMW R1200GSA Water Cooled adapter requires the Puck Sak mounting hardware that is included with our Backcountry Pannier kits, and is not included in this order.

This order includes one adapter and one elongated bracket to attach to your rack. You still require the Puck Sak, which includes 6 more pucks (brackets) that you will need to mount the adapter, which is included in the purchase of the Backcountry Pannier kit

Again, this adapter comes with all hardware needed as long as you have our Backcountry panniers (or Scout Panniers) or are ordering them today. If you are not using our bags then you will need some of our brackets (we call them pucks), so please contact us directly about this.

This adapter is designed to make Mosko Moto bags work on these racks, but they are also universal adapters for adding Rotopax or any other storage solution you may dream up.  

They are made of 3mm laser cut and bent T304 stainless steel, and powder coated black.

Download instructions here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Another top notch product from Mosko Moto

I have an Adventure Motorcycle touring company in Idaho and have tested many products of the years. Mosko Moto makes the very best stuff money can buy. The adaptor plate for the stock BMW pannier racks is no different. Works flawlessly and I know that my gear is going to stay in place and be there when I get to the next camping spot. Thanks Mosko Moto for putting all of you knowledge into your product offerings!


As advertised. Very durable and made from high quality materials. Easy to install. I would highly recommend.

Excellent Alternative to Hard Luggage

I decided to go with soft luggage on my 2015 BMW R1200GSA in lieu of hard panniers mainly because of my desire to have the bike more streamlined. Most of the time I am carrying very little cargo and the ability to carry in a compact form is very appealing. I've had hard panniers and just didn't like the fact that they stuck out so far from the bike. The scout panniers are great and I love the way I can just grab the whole bag and go. When I'm not carrying any cargo I love that I can cinch the bags down to almost nothing. Packing the soft bags is a little different but it is not a hard adjustment and you quickly learn what works and what doesn't. Overall great product and excellent value. I was also impressed with the quality of the scout panniers. A+

High quality machining!

Fits really well - tight and looks great. All of the stuff in my order was really high quality so I am super impressed with the Mosko quality - but I knew I would be!! Dion

Making the Mosko Soft Luggage to work on my GSA

I was given a set of Panniers as a gift for my 2015 GSA 1200. But I wasn't given the adaptor for the luggage. So, I bought the adpator , and now I'm doing a review. I have the BMW standard Hard Panniers and mounting system. I needed the adaptor because of the frame going around the tail pipe. This adaptor works perfectly to get the Mosko Bag on. The modified Mounting brackets ( shipped with the adaptor) fit perfectly-it is clear that this is something the MOsko team has perfected. I followed the dirctions they sent along, and in 17 minutes I had it all mounted, secured and ready to roll! Super easy,

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