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Since we've been bored in the house and we're in the house bored we decided to go on tour.

But there's one catch, WE'RE NEVER LEAVING HOME. Because, well... social distancing. I mean, #MotoDistancing.

Every week, you can join us LIVE on Tuesday and Thursday @ 7pm PST using this link

We'll update the link bi-weekly so you're always tuned in to the current event. Simply save this link into your calendar and set up a reminder, or open up your browser and it'll be easy as cake to find us.

The lineup for this tour is kind of blowing my mind, I can't wait to see everyone and watch this whole thing unfold. Quarantine isn't so bad after all, it's just... different!

A big round of applause and thanks for those who joined us for the Kickoff on Tuesday, what fun! Since then, we'vebeen busy working out the kinks with a) our livestream link confusion (sorry about that!) and b) our internet connectivity issues.

I do think 7PM is a high traffic hour, but I'm hoping the lag during kickoff had more to do with our bandwidth than it did the high traffic. We shall see. If the issue persists, I'll make an announcement and shuffle the schedule around.

We'll continue the tour tonight (4/16) with a live product development meeting starring the Wildcat himself - Co-founder and Design Director, Andrew Bryden.

You can think of this as a momentous opportunity to be a designer at Mosko for a day. We'll even open up the meeting for YOU to join us live and contribute to the evolution of our product line in real time - come ready to share the features you’ve been longing for and ask us anything! Seriously. We're an open book.

Here is a pic from our livestream on Tuesday. Pete, Sarah and I were hosting the meeting we played a bit of roulette during the last 30-40 minutes of the livestream, letting people chime in, in real time. It was so fun!

That could be you on the bottom of  the screen, joining our crew live on camera. You ready for all this? We sure are.

So, now for the lineup...


Thursday 4/16 | Product Development Meeting w/ Wildcat


  • Mosko Co-founder + Director of Product Andrew Bryden, AKA ‘Wildcat’ entertains an interactive LIVE product development meeting where we’ll talk about what’s on the design table (luggage!) in 2020 and solicit unfiltered feedback and ideas from riders (hint hint,,,YOU!) in real time!

Tuesday 4/21 | Virtual Mosko Meetup (w/surprise guest appearance!)

  • Anyone who’s attended a Mosko Meetup IRL knows it’s all about bikes, gear and the riding community. We love Meetups because these pop-up, impromptu events are an opportunity for us all to connect and share a beer (or two!) without having to spend an entire weekend attending a rally. So while we’re all stuck at home, let’s do it virtually! Crack open a cold one, tune in and get a Live rundown from Mosko Co-Founder + Crash Tester Pete Day on what new gear he’s kitting his bike out with this fall - followed by an interactive Q+A where you can get personalized answers to just about any curiosity you might have (just try us!). We have a gift in store for anyone who joins this virtual incarnation of our beloved Meetups, and we’ll round out the livestream with a guest appearance from someone we all know and love. Who is it? You’ll have to tune in to find out. Hehe!

Thursday 4/23 | Let's talk ADV w/ Jeremy McGrath

  • Yup, we’re stoked too! Pete and Ash will host a LIVE interview w/ American Motocross/Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath - we are so excited Jeremy is going to hang with us for an hour and can’t wait to talk all things moto and hear about his latest venture, ARMA. This livestream will of course be complete with an interactive, live Q+A - so yes, you can fire questions at us too! Is this real life? Did we say that out loud?

Tuesday 4/28 | 2020 Apparel Sneak Peek w/ Scottie B

  • Scott Bryan is our Apparel Director at Mosko and a total rockstar (actually, he’s a DJ - look up @VitaminDHipHop). We’re excited to share what’s coming down the pike in our apparel line, soon we’ll have all of your on + off the bike moments covered. Scottie will walk us through a couple of our most anticipated new products and we’ll discuss all of your questions or feedback in real time. No question is a bad question, we’re all ears!

Thursday 4/30 | Off-road Legend Destry Abbott on DA8 Training + Arizona COVID-19 Quaranteam

  • In the world of off-road motorcycle racing, Destry Abbott is one of the most iconic riders - we’re insanely excited to link up with Destry and hear about his latest moto related endeavors, namely his AZ riding school. We also want to hear about how the last month(ish?) of COVID-19 quarantine has unfolded for him and his family. We’ve got loads to talk about with Destry, this is going to be a blast. You can chime in too during the livestream with all of your fanfare and curiosities. Come one come all, we’re counting down for this one.

Tuesday 5/5 | Fireside Chat w/ ADVrider Founder Chris MacAskill (aka 'Baldy')

  • Ahh ha, the tables have now turned! For anyone who caught it, a few weeks ago Baldy interviewed Pete and Ash where they talked Mosko and shared stories from recent travels through SE Asia - now it’s our turn! We’re hosting this LIVE fireside chat w/ ADVrider founder and our friend, Chris MacAskill to talk about ‘where ADV originated’ and deep dive on a retrospective look at the forum during its earliest days. ADVrider has arguably become the largest and most impactful driving force behind information and communication related to our global riding community and Chris is one of our favorite storytellers - this is bound to be an engaging chat. Inmates only in the front row!

Thursday 5/7 | Who's behind Upshift Online?

  • We all know Upshift as our favorite digital mag and authority on the latest and greatest media in the ADV/off-road world, but who are the guys behind it all? Here at Mosko we're lucky enough to call Brandon Glanville, Chris Glaspell and Simon Cudby friends but we can't wait to pull the curtain back for all of you who haven't had the pleasure of getting to know these guys. There's never a dull moment when we're together, so this is bound to be a lively discussion - and of course, we will entertain a live Q+A during the streaming.

Tuesday 5/12 | Sam + Kate on 5 months in South America x2 DR650's + a little COVID-19

  • Our friends Sam and Kate just hurried home from an epic trip in South America - we all watched their adventures on FB and IG but can't wait to hear firsthand about traveling through cartel territory while trying to outrun COVID-19 on their trusty thumpers. Pete and Ash will host these two as they share photos, stories and welcome questions from the crowd!

Tuesday 5/19 | Paul Guillien & Inna Thorn on the BDR

  • If you ride an ADV/dual-sport bike you've probably either completed, or at least heard of a BDR (Backcountry Discovery Route). We're rounding out the Never Leaving Home Live Tour with arguably the most important episode, and commemorating the 10 year Anniversary of Backcountry Discovery Routes. Straight from Paul Guillien (Board President + Co-founder ) and Inna Thorn (Board Director + Director of Operations) we'll learn about the origins of the BDR, talk about future efforts and get a BTS look at how the magic happens. At Mosko, we truly believe the BDR to be the single most important driver of growth for the sport we love most (riding!) and can't wait to learn, share and hopefully raise some money for the BDR in lieu of the Annual BDR Fundraiser.

Thursday 5/21 | 4th Gear Wheelies w/Quinn Cody

  • We only have one pressing question for Quinn... Just how long can you ride a 4th gear wheelie? Also... can he teach us? Just kidding, we've got plenty of topics we want to hear about: #1) Muscling a huge KTM 1090 at Red Bull Romaniacs (but how tho??) #2) KTM R+D insights, surely this is a fascinating job... #3) Racing in the Dakar Rally #4) Winning the Baja 1000 (4x!!! rockstar status) and of course we cant forget the most important of them all – #5) 4th gear wheelies!


Oh, and there may or may not be tour t-shirts in the works. More on that soon (:


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