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MSR DromLite Bag - 2 Liters

Water hauling utility without the weight or bulk.

DromLite Bags offer high-capacity water storage yet collapse all the way down to the size of their cap. This supreme packability comes with the weight savings to match to keep you moving quickly on the trail. Reconstructed of a rugged film and RF-welded seams, they offer reliable durability. Inside, an improved BPA-free food-grade lining ensures better-tasting water and can handle freezing. Accessories like the Shower or Hydration Kits add do-all versatility, and the new svelte 3-in-1 cap lets you fill, drink and pour with ease.

- The 2L Dromedary Bag is hands-down the best way to store water when camping off your bike.

- Unlike hard bottle storage, these bags stash away when they're empty so they don't take up space. Also they won't crack or dent with impact.

- These fit perfectly in our Large MOLLE Pouch, which even has an opening to accommodate the Dromedary's unique 3-in-1 (drink/pour/fill) HDPE cap. By putting on of these in the MOLLE pouch you can have water on tap on the bike at all times.

- 2L size enables you to spread the water weight around your bike. Put 2L on each side pannier, 2L in the rear duffle, and 2L in your hydration pack for a total of 2 gallons of water - enough for two nights of camping - spread evenly around the bike.

- Get the optional hydration nozzle so you can quickly and easily rotate the dromedary in your hydration pack for a full one when it's empty. Get the optional shower attachment and use it as a camp shower bag.

- The perimeter webbing makes it easy to hang the Dromedary from a tree or from the mirror on your bike, for cleaning, brushing teeth, etc.

- In the unlikely event of a puncture, it can be quickly and easily field-repaired with any repair sealant.

- BPA-free food-grade polyurethane inner lining, doesn't leave your water tasting funny.

- Ergonomic fill handle & wide-mouth opening makes it really easy to fill.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
MSR DromLite Bag

I have had great luck with this. Carry all my camp water in it and works well


MSR DromLite Bag - 2 Liters

new cap is not great for usage in the 4 liter molle bag

Because MSR changed the cap design on the DromLite Bag, it doesn't work well with the 4 liter molle bag opening for the nozzle. I was able to get some old caps that can work with the molle bag opening, but I suspect those won't be available for long. The only caps are much better in my opinion. The new one has a string for attachment which makes it hard to tighten and loosen. Also, as mentioned, the new cap is smaller profile and has wings. This may be good for hikers or other uses, but not good if you actually want to use the pouch opening on the 4L molle bag.

Enough water to bathe for two months.

Fits in my pannier pouches just fine.

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