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Whisperlite Universal Camp Stove
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- Introducing the WhisperLite Universal: the ultimate moto-camping stove. It's the KLR of camp stoves: simple, reliable, and easy to maintain.  A go-anywhere, do-anything stove.

- This stove can run on either canister fuel OR liquid fuel (i.e. unleaded gasoline from your bike).  There are some really awesome advantages to having that flexibility on a bike:

- If you're flying into another country they do not let you take your fuel canisters on the airplane.  They will, however, let you take an empty liquid fuel bottle as long as it is empty, washed out, and left open in your checked luggage.

- When you're traveling in other countries, especially in the developing world (ie Africa, Asia, Etc) it can be extremely difficult to find fuel canisters.  Even when they are available, it's only in the major cities in a few specialty shops.

- So with this stove, if you like using canister fuel, you can use that when you're in the US or Canada, and then switch to unleaded gas when you're down in Baja or doing a fly-in trip somewhere else in the world.

- There are also some great advantages to running off unleaded fuel even on trips close to home:

- Use the same fuel for your stove as your motorcycle.  Low on fuel in the bike, top off from your stove fuel.  Low on stove fuel, drain some extra off your bike.

- Use your camp stove fuel to start the fire at night, no need for paper or lots of kindling.  Because you don't need to worry about running out of stove fuel (since there's more on the bike) you can use it liberally as a fire starter.

- That said, running off unleaded is dirtier than canister fuel, requires a bit more cleaning/maintenance, and requires more priming.  So if you like the ease-of-use and clean burn of canister fuel, that option is always available.

- Learn to care for and maintain a WhisperLite and it will be your camp stove for life.  Many riders are still running WhisperLites bought 20+ years ago.  With the new multi-fuel option, there's no reason to ever own a different stove.   

- Built on the upgraded WhisperLite chassis featuring improved stability, lighter weight and simplified maintenance; burns almost any fuel

- Patent-pending AirControl technology delivers optimized performance across all fuel types, in a lightweight package that won't slow you down

- 11.5-ounce minimum weight and one-pound, 3.4-ounce packed weight; 110-minute burn time with 20-ounce canister of white gas, 75-minute burn time with eight-ounce canister of MSR IsoPro fuel, and 155-minute burn time with 20-ounce canister of kerosene

- Includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty; made in Seattle, WA

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