• Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag
  • Tracker 20L Drybag

Tracker 20L Drybag
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The Tracker 20L is a welded-seam, roll-top drybag that works great as a compact rear duffle for overnight trips, or as a top bag on hard-side panniers or top-boxes. It includes a unique beavertail with a waterproof map pocket on one side and MOLLE webbing on the other, so you can expand the bag with optional MOLLE accessories like fuel bottle holders or a hydration sleeve. The beavertail provides a convenient place to tuck a jacket, or to store wet things like a rainfly, tarp, or towel.

The Tracker 20L includes a sewn-on shoulder strap that stashes into its own external pocket, so it's always within reach. Webbing pass-throughs on the side provide a place to run connection straps (we recommend either our Backcountry Cinch Strap or Simple Cinch Strap) so you don't have to worry about the bag squeezing out from under the straps in bumpy terrain.

On the bottom of the bag there's an expandable gusset pocket, which is a convenient place to store things you need quick access to. The Tracker 20L also includes a 20L seam-sealed Drysak, so you can keep dirty/damp items or shoes separated from the rest of your belongings.   


- Main body made from durable 22oz PVC with welded seams. Bottom panel made from heavy duty 32oz PVC.

- Sewn-on shoulder strap with an external stash pocket.

- Reversible beavertail with a map pocket on one side and 5 columns of MOLLE webbing on the other. Map pocket has a waterproof zip-lock style closure.

- The beavertail can be used to expand the capacity of the bag, offering a convenient spot to store a riding jacket, wet/dirty items, or last minute supplies (like groceries).

- Expandable, gusseted bottom pocket.

- Webbing strap pass-throughs on the sides and bottom.

- Includes a separate 20L Drysak for dirty/damp items.

- Removable strap keepers on all straps.



- Capacity: 20 Liters

- Diameter: 10"

- Total Length: 25"

- Rolled Length: 16"

- Weight: 2.1 lbs

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