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Mosko Moto continually exceeds my expectations

I am the Global Quality Engineer in the Medical Imaging industry, both ultrasound and molecular imaging, for a very large company field and an avid motorcyclist. I manage the quality of very complex, life sustain products made in both the North America and Asia. I am very choosy in the equipment I buy, Recently I started to plan a trip next spring on the Utah BDR. I have aluminum boxes and knew of the dangerous problem they pose on off-road rides. I started researching alternatives and found Mosko Moto on-line. I took a chance and purchased their Backcountry Offset Pannier Kit. Upon receipt I was blown away by the attention to detail, the design and quality of their products. I was also happy to support a small American company. I liked their Pannier kit so much I also bought their Nomad tank bag. Also a well designed and constructed product. If you are looking for high quality adventure gear I highly recommend Mosko Moto. With their products you get MORE than you pay for.

Mosko Nomad

The Mosko Nomad is a great compact Tank pouch, it is short on a few things, First the Nomad should be able to switch front to back or vis a versa, some riders like the Nomad opening towards the rider. Why the first zipper compartment above the water bladder is not expandable ? why is the water bladder so restricted to pull out or put in ? the water bladder should have a more expandable zipper to pull out and refill ! The top compartment should be zipper closed or open, along with the clips on each side ! also the map holder on top should be an 1 inch wider for the way maps are folded ! After riding 11,400 miles on the last trip, I can say the Nomad does work well ! with a few improvements it would be outstanding !


The first thing when I opened the box I noticed is the quality and craftsmanship it's a well thought out product I'm well pleased super easy to set up super rugged the reckless 80 is stuff. I took a small trip on the tat in Tennessee and about 8 time and the reckless 80 came out like nothing simply the best purchase ever

Best tank bag

Perfect for my daily use
Perfect for my touring ride


Gracias he recibido el producto y les agradezco x la celeridad y cumplimiento en la entrega el producto es excelente !!!!

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