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Top Tankbag

Very well thought out tank bag with a lot of love for reasonable details. The quality of workmanship is obviously also excellent.

Route Shipping Insurance

Didn't needed it but just in case...

I have summed these bags up.... BAD ASS!

Let me start off by saying I ride my Honda Africa Twin 90% offroad adventures in the mountains, river crossing, and nasty rock.. with that being said... yeah, I drop the bike and crash all the time. So durability is a must.. these panniers are just that! Extremely functional, you can add on to them with molle bags and mosko 2l pockets with dry roll top bag. The quality of Mosko is unbeatable.
So, if you're looking for an awesome soft pannier in my opinion as an adventure rider, look no further. Buy these bags. You wont regret it.
For all of you Honda CRF1000 owners or looking to buy one...I originally bought the Honda factory keyed panniers and top case.. what a joke! Snapped one of those off my first week into my first trip... don't put your money in that direction. Again, buy MOSKO. Im trying to save you time and money. Plastic panniers ended being free to a good home.. like on a scooter or something.. not bashing you scooter guys.. maybe I should have said.. put those factory panniers on a Honda FIT car, you know.. something awesome like that.

My set up:
Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 DCT,

Touratech pannier Racks

Mosko 35l backcountry bags with two pockets.

Skid plates, crash bars, brake res cover, center stand skid plate, headlight guard and more by Altrider


Easternbeaver power distribution and jumpers

Rigid D series pro flood lights

Camel products kickstand and windscreen brace

Hecko and becker? hand guards

And more....

(Fitting NOTE: with the touratech racks, I had to make spacers out of aluminum 1/8" flat bar. 6 spacers total, or 3/8" clearance for the left side pannier to clear my grab rails while sliding the pannier on and off. The lock was to close to rubbing my grab rail. So a 10 min fix with a 3 dollar aluminum flat bar. 6- 3" pieces drilled out the width of the mosko clamp bolts and put between the rack and pannier. Clamp bolts run through the spacers.)


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Necessary for insurance!

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