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Reckless 40L System (V2.0)

The Reckless 40L (V2.0) is a rackless pannier/duffle system that easily mounts on pretty much any motorcycle. We designed this bag for day trips on larger bikes, Baja-style hotel-hopping, or overnight camping from a smaller bike. The Reckless 40 is 100% waterproof, with three separate removable welded-seam drybags that slide/strap into an outer harness, which stays attached to the bike.

The Reckless 40 works awesome on the 500-700cc class dualsport/offroad bikes. It has way more forward lean to it than the Reckless 80, so it fits the aggressive stance of more off-road oriented bikes. It fits on many larger ADV bikes too, but it’s specifically sized and shaped for the middleweights.

Most riders will find that 40L is not enough space for camping gear, unless you combine the R40 with a decent-sized backpack. For the ultra-minimalist though (bivy sack, summer-weight bag, freeze dried food) this is an awesome way to turn your dirt bike into a mini adventure bike, and use it to get into some really hard-to-reach spots like mountain lakes and hot springs. When we use the R40 for camping, it’s generally on shorter trips that are 90%+ offroad. Riders who pack things like a cool-weather sleeping bag, an extra pair of shoes, a camp chair, or more than one change of clothes, should consider either adding a Stinger 22 to their order (see notes below), or stepping up to a Reckless 80.

If you would like to expand the capacity of your Reckless 40, we recommend adding a Stinger 22 Tailbag. This is the same tailbag we include with the Reckless 80. Like the Stinger 8, the Stinger 22 also converts into a backpack, and can be rigged as a standalone tailbag. The Stinger 22 adds 14 additional liters of volume. The larger dimensions are great for packing bulkier items, like a sleeping bag, which would not typically fit in a Stinger 8. The Stinger 22 also integrates seamlessly with the Reckless 40's beavertail closure. 

All three R40 drybags have roll-top closures, and they can be easily and individually accessed throughout the day, so you don't have to mess with the holster attachment straps to get to food, clothes, or tools. The side drybags have clear panels on the front, so you can tell which bag has what you need, and they have stiffeners in the back to reduce movement while riding and make it easier to slide into the holster. They also have webbing handles at the bottom, so they can be more easily pulled into the holster.

The center bag on the Reckless 40 is our Stinger 8 Tailbag. It turns into a backpack with mesh backpack straps that unfold from inside the bag, in case you want to go for a day hike on your ride, or run into town for errands. The Stinger 8 also has 4 sewn-on connection straps with matching ladderlocks, so it can be rigged as a standalone fender bag, tail bag, or pannier topper without the Reckless 40 harness.

The Reckless 40 has separate rear pockets on both sides, which are perfect for storing fuel bottles, water bottles, tools, and tubes. The two overlapping rear beavertails are a great spot to tuck a motorcycle jacket when it’s not in use, or to store wet things - like a rainfly, towel, or campsite garbage – that you don't want inside your drybag.

The rear beavertail has a padded goggle pocket which also fits a Spot, InReach, or cell phone. On the inside surface of the front beavertail there's a mesh pocket for storing wet/dry items (like toothbrush/paste) or bike documents inside a waterproof baggie.

With the Stinger 8, the Stinger 22, and the Reckless 40, you will have 4 different storage options for your bike: 1) a standalone 8 liter tailbag, 2) a standalone 22 liter tailbag, 3) a 40 liter harness luggage system, and 4) a 54 liter harness luggage system. So you can fine-tune your carrying capacity for each trip.

Please Note:

a) Every Reckless 80 and Reckless 40 comes with an included heat shield. Please use the heat shield!Exhaust and exhaust heat burns are not covered by your warranty. Before you leave for your trip, we recommend checking and double checking that no part of the bag or your bike's plastics are contacting the exhaust. On dual-exhaust bikes or bikes with especially high/exposed pipes, you will need a second heat shield, which is available for purchase in the 'Hardware & Parts" section of our website. When installing the Reckless system on your bike, please make sure the exhaust is not blowing directly on the bag. In general, make sure the bag is not touching or close to extreme heat; go physically around the bag daily, cinch it tight, and make any necessary adjustments.

b) The Reckless 80 and Reckless 40 were designed for rugged riding. They have a durable hypalon and ballistic nylon backing that can rub against the plastic parts of the bike, resulting in minor abrasion. Please take precautions if you do not want your bike parts marred by placing a clear adhesive sheet to where abrasion may occur on your motorcycle. Some examples of protective products are listed below. We suggest taking a short test ride with protection applied and with a loaded Reckless installed on the bike to assure satisfactory results.

Allstar Performance Tape 

3M Polymask Protective Tape

c) There are many "wear points" on the Reckless system that are different on every bike. See this videofor examples. These could be on the bottom of the bag - where the harness touches the bike or luggage rack - or on the drybags themselves, where they contact the harness, tent poles, or other items. After your first day or two of riding, please inspect the bags carefully, identify high-friction wear points, and either remedy the friction or apply a sacrificial 'patch' that can be periodically replaced before the bag itself is damaged. In particular, it is normal for the fabric on the bottom of the harness to show wear, and this does not affect the structural integrity of the bag nor its waterproofing.

  • If friction causes the fabric on the bottom of your bag to wear through, this is not a big deal. There is a hard plastic plate inside the Reckless harness that will prevent the friction from reaching your drybags, and thereby affecting the functionality of the system. Fabric, vibrating under pressure between the hard plastic inside the harness and a hard metal bike part, will eventually wear out. To prevent this, apply a sacrificial patch to the wear point, or apply some padding on the bike. 
  • If your connection straps are wrapping around a sharp metal edge, for example on a bag mounting cleat, foot peg, or luggage rack, and the straps begin to show signs of wear, it is critical to address the wearbefore the strap is too far worn to use. Either file/grind the sharp edge, or apply (and maintain) a sacrificial 'sleeve' for the webbing made from fabric, additional webbing, or duct tape. A sharp metal edge vibrating under pressure will eventually wear through webbing, sometimes quickly. If this occurs, take some extra webbing to a local sewing shop and they should be able to easily repair the damage.
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Easy on/off mounting
Stash Spots
100% Waterproof
Molle Expandability


  • 1. Stinger 8 works great as a standalone tail bag (built in connection straps!)
  • 2. Bomber hypalon armour panels – protection where you need it most
  • 3. Fleece lined goggle pocket & beavertail stash-spot for extra storage and expansion
  • 4. Two external rear pockets – perfect for fuel or water storage/li>
  • 5. MOLLE panels for quick attachment of MOLLE accessories (volume expansion!)
  • 6. Removable, not sewn-on, connection straps for field repair after a crash
  • 7. Two side compression straps
Product Specs
  • 14L capacity per side drybag
  • 8L Stinger tailbag
  • Harness w/drybag inserted:
  • Length: 19" (top to bottom) *can be extended w/roll top*
  • Width: 6.5" main body, 12" w/rear pocket
  • Thickness: 6.5"
  • Rear beavertail w/tailbag inserted:
  • Length: 10" (front to back)
  • Width: 7" (side to side)
  • Height: 9" (top to bottom)
  • Weight: Approx 7 lbs
  • Heat Shield:
  • 6.5"x3.5" - lip that raises it off the exhaust is 1"
  • Construction + Materials
  • R40 Harness Materials: 1680D Ballistic Nylon with hypalon armour
  • Harness constructed with internal PE stiffener to prevent flopping
  • Aluminum stiffener supports built into each leg of harness, adding lateral rigidity
  • Dry Bag Materials: 100% waterproof durable 800D polyurethane coated (PVC free) with welded-seams
  • Exhaust Heat Shield: laser cut aluminum
  • Kit Includes
  • Reckless 40L harness
  • Two 14L drybags
  • Stinger 8L tailbag
  • Heat shield w/ hose clamp
  • Two cleat kits (for mounting!)

    We needed this.

    Product Creation at Mosko is an effort born of necessity. Everyone on our team rides – and time on the trail translates to an innovative, always improving product line. Crafting gear that will outperform in even the most harsh riding conditions means we make no compromise, ever.

    “I recently purchased the Reckless 40 for my EXC-F 500 and I am very happy with the design and quality of this product. It fits my bike as though it was made specifically for it and stays in place while riding any terrain. If you really want to go off road then this is the set up you want.”

    -William Overbey, 2018

    In The Wild

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 140 reviews
    Industructible Reckless 40

    I recently purchased the Moskomoto Reckless 40L System for use on my Husqvarna 701 Enduro equipped with a PerunMoto luggage rack.
    The quality of the build and the materials used are top notch. Excellent choice for day or weekend trips. Perfect for rough off-road and trail use. You do not have to worry about damaging the bag when your bike goes down.

    Reckless 40

    I have used this bag just once, but am leaving for a week of riding in the Rocky Mountains very shortly where I assume they will be great. It took me awhile to buy these because they seemed awful expensive. When they arrived my first impression was that the materials the unit was constructed with were of very high. My second impression was "where the heck do all these straps attach".
    I watched a video or two and it was then pretty easy to figure out. I have a DRZ400s and they fit great. They did not move and I didn't even realize they were on my bike on our 200 mile ride, some parts of the ride were fairly rough.
    I have also attached a bag I purchased at the 5.11 store to hold a water bottle. I weaved it on to the molly straps, those straps are a nice addition. Considering how much good motorcycle gear is, I no longer think this unit is over priced.

    Versatile, durable and quality kit !!

    I ordered the Reckless 40l bags for my wife’s 2016 Honda CB 500x. The gear was shipped out and arrived in less then a week to Ontario, Canada. When they arrived I began unpacking them and was very impressed with the quality of all components, you could tell there was some serious thought put into the design these bags. At the same time I received a last minute invite to join a motor cycle ride heading to Virginia, I test fitted the bags to my 2018 KTM 1090R and they fit perfectly and didn’t move for the entire 5000 km, I was able to pack all my gear in the bags needed for 8 days with room to spare.

    During the trip we had great whether except for two complete down pours in the mountains, regardless all my gear (including my passport and wallet) stayed completely dry and out of the elements. When I got home I fully expected my rear plastic side panels to be completely scuffed and marked up due to the weight of the bags and wind pushing down on them while driving on the Interstates, however when I took the bags off the panels still looked brand new!
    The Rackess Reckless system performed exactly as advertised...over all I would highly recommend this product, the service, attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship are second to none!!! I will be purchasing the tank bag and 80l Reckless system for my 1090r in the near future. Good on ya Mosko Moto!!!

    Surperb baggage system!

    The Reckless 40L (V2.0) is by far the easiest none hassle softbag system on the market. It fit on my KTM 390 Duke perfect! It is also interchangable to my CRF250L. Great well made product you can be rough with. I spent 3 days offroad and the bags still look brand new. I'm hoping Mosko Moto sends me a tank bag for my WABDR and TAT trip coming up. Big thanks for hassle free and easy shipping!! Excited to see what they come up with in the future

    Awesome Product

    Just picked up the Reckless 40 and used it for a 6 day trip on my Husky 701 Enduro. Awesome pack. Attention to detail and build quality is top notch. Setup is super easy. Customer service is awesome. Will definitely be buying more Mosko in the future!

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