• MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
  • MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)

MOLLE 4L Storage Pouch (Lg)
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Our large MOLLE bag is a great external carry-all that enables you to expand the capacity of your pannier, duffle, or rackless system by an additional 4 liters. The large MOLLE pouch fits best on MOLLE panels with at least three columns of webbing, so please check your bags and see how large the MOLLE panel is before choosing MOLLE accessories. 

The large MOLLE bag includes 4 MOLLE stix for quick and easy attachment and removal.  We designed this pouch to easily accommodate two 1L MSR or Primus style fuel bottles, for a half-gallon of extra carrying capacity. It also accommodates a 2L MSR dromedary (or other hydration bag), and has a special opening for the hydration nozzle, for easy access to water for cooking/cleaning at the campsite, or throughout the day.

There's a Velcro hatch inside so you can close off the nozzle opening and use the pouch for tools or other small items too. Add multiple MOLLE bags for water, fuel, and tool storage on longer trips.Take them off when you don't need the extra space.


- Price includes 4 MOLLE stix.

- Unique MOLLE storage pouch can be used for a variety of things.

- Accommodates an MSR Dromedary 2L hydration bladder, with a neoprene front panel that fits the dromedary spout for easy water access throughout the day for washing, brushing, cooking, drinking, etc.

- Also accommodates a standard 2L drinking bladder with hydration hose. When attached via MOLLE to the rear duffle, replaces the need to wear a hydration pack during the day.

- Fits two MSR or Primus-style 1l fuel bottles for extra fuel storage.

- Interior drawstring & ripstop to prevent small items from sliding out.

- Added storage for tools, tubes, and other easy-access items.

- Made from sturdy and water resistant 22oz PVC and Ballistic Nylon.

- Can be quickly attached/removed from any MOLLE panels. We recommend using the large MOLLE pouch on MOLLE panels with at least 3 columns of webbing.



- Volume: 4L

- Length: 13.5" top to bottom

- Width: 8"

- Thickness: 2.5"

- Weight: .9 lbs with 4 Molle Stix

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