Fatty Tool Roll

Roll a Fatty with the Fatty Tool Roll! It fits everything you need for an extended ADV trip, plus packable tire irons, tube patches, and more. There are two handy zippered catchall pockets for oddly shaped items like Loctite and JB Weld, or larger tools like an adjustable wrench. Everything rolls up into a waterproof cover, so you can store the Fatty outside your luggage and all your tools will stay bone dry.

When we first investigated tool storage solutions several years ago, we were initially turned off by the ‘roll,’ even though we were all using them. A tool roll seems so old-school, like something a cowboy would've carried, or a biker gang in the 50s. Surely there's a better, more modern way?

With more research though, we came around. There’s a reason why tool rolls persist. The beauty of a roll versus, say, a bag or box, is that it naturally expands and contracts based on how much stuff is in it, and it conforms to a wide variety of tool shapes and sizes, while still rolling into a tidy package that fits in a stash-spot or external pocket.

With tool rolls, we felt there’d been a ‘race to the bottom’ on price-point and features. There are so many tool rolls already on the market, all with very similar features, and all at the lowest possible prices. Many OEMs even ship a tool roll for free with every bike. So we went a different direction in designing the Fatty and Pinner. We cut zero corners on materials and features, and we hope we created the most awesome tool roll you'll ever own.

Is there another waterproof tool roll out there? If so, we haven't seen it. The Fatty & Pinner come with highly abrasion-proof, welded-seam, waterproof rain covers. Tools are heavy and hard, and they press and vibrate against everything they touch, so the rain cover's gotta' be tough. This one is tough as nails, and it doubles as a trailside parts tray. If you’re riding in the desert and don’t need the raincover, no problem: reduce bulk by leaving the raincover at home and taking only the tool roll itself.

Sliding the roll out of the raincover, you’ll see lots of tool storage pockets, with webbing straps to hold everything. Unlike traditional tool rolls, however, there’s also a large Velcro flap that traps your tools in place, so your tiniest hex key won’t escape somewhere out in the woods. Inside the flap there’s a zippered mesh pocket for tube patches and tire repair. On the outside of the Fatty, there’s three long pockets for tire irons, which are always kind of a hassle to store.

What about those bulky tools that never fit? Things like vice grips and open-ended wrenches? We added two large zipper pockets to accommodate these, plus spark plugs, JB Weld, sockets, Loctite, and all those other things which you always need but can't find, because they’re somewhere in the bottom of your bag. Next to the two large zipper pockets, we added a clear zipper pocket for documents, an air gauge, or anything else you want to tuck away. It even has a conversion table printed on the front, plus a recipe for our favorite trailside drink: the Mosko Mule.

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  • 1. Welded-seam, waterproof rain cover
  • 2. Webbing pass-throughs so it can be connected directly to a bike
  • 3. Webbing belt closure with anodized clip
  • 4. 11 tool pockets with webbing loops
  • 5. 3 external pockets for tire irons
  • 6. Large velcro flap to keep tools in place
  • 7. Large mesh pocket for tire patches
  • 8. Two large zippered pockets for unusually shaped or large items
  • 9. One clear zippered vinyl pocket with conversion tables
  • 10. Awesome trailside cocktail recipe (the Mosko Mule)
Product Specs
  • Rolled Length: 11.5"
  • Rolled Diameter (range): 4-6"
  • Construction + Materials
  • Exterior/Main Body: 1680D Ballistic Nylon
  • Waterproof Rain Cover: 400D Nylon w/ welded seams
  • Belt Clip: Anodized Aluminum
  • Kit Includes
  • Fatty Tool Roll
  • Waterproof Rain Cover
  • Built in conversion table
  • Mosko Mule – trailside cocktail recipe!

    “After searching all over for a tool carrier that can organize big tools and small parts alike, a friend sent me to Mosko. The Fatty is just perfect. Large tools and small, spare parts, and MacGyver gizmos all have a place. The waterproof bag makes it indispensable. It holds a big tool kit and bundles up right. The lash strap loops let me tie it when there’s no room to stow it. One of a kind kit!”

    – Evan Turner, 2018

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    Customer Reviews

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    Fatty is just right

    This tool roll is just what I needed for a big ADV ride. All the necessary tools well organized and sturdily protected. Like the zipper pouches - My Africa Twin Owner manual fits perfectly. and two zipper compartments for all the small bits. The Waterproof cover is super well made and free!

    New Zealand gets Mosko Moto

    Motorcycle trip to New Zealand facilitated by my new Scout 60L duffel (https://moskomoto.com/products/scout-60-duffle). Checked the duffel through the airline as baggage full of camping gear and when I arrived strapped it on the back of my rented KTM 1190 R with the Backcountry Cinch Straps and had no problems at all. Rode in the rain several days and everything stayed dry. The strapping and carry handles were perfect and held up strong to all sorts of tugging and torture.

    I was able to put a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, collapsible chair, cooking gear, clothes bag, spare shoes and a few other items in the duffel with no issues.

    Highly recommended for flying or motorcycling.

    Fatty tool roll

    Was looking for a tool that could carry a few more tools and stuff on my Africa Twin during extended adv rides. While I
    have an old (25 years plus Malcolm Smith) waist worn tool bag and use it when riding my FE 501, it just can’t carry enough essentials for extended adv rides. Did a lot of research and found the Mosko Moto Fatty Tool Roll. Very well made and capable of carrying the extras I needed. The design is well thoughtout, and given the “ballistic materials” used to make the roll, I’m positive it’ll last for many years to come. I especially appreciate Mosko Moto products are made by people who actually ride. Looking forward to purchasing a Reckless 80L System and a Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack for my trip to Alaska. But first I’ll need to replenish my bank account. Quality travel gear is always expensive, but I value is a perception, and my perception of Mosko Moto products is, their products are the BEST money can buy. You won’t be disappointed!!!


    Very impressed with the quality of the fatty tool roll. I have been looking for some time before I came across Mosko Moto , glad I waited.

    Fatty tool roll

    Have yet to use in the field (backcountry) but so far this is well worth the money. All my buddies have scoffed at the price, but this roll holds an insane amount of tools, and actually packs up pretty tight. It’s well thought out and I’m stoked to own one myself. Would absolutely buy again. I can do a near ful tear down in the field with all this thing holds.

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