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Backcountry 35L Pannier - Right Side, Bag Only

This is for the right-side bag only, no external frame and no mounting hardware. Comes with dry bag inserts. 

35 Liters of capacity per side.

Easy on/off mounting
Stash Spots
100% Waterproof
Molle Expandability

We needed this.

Product Creation at Mosko is an effort born of necessity. Everyone on our team rides – and time on the trail translates to an innovative, always improving product line. Crafting gear that will outperform in even the most harsh riding conditions means we make no compromise, ever.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lightweight and durable quick release bags

I commute daily on my Vstrom DL1000. I considered hard cases, but wanted something that would be easy to carry in and out of the office. These bags meet that need perfectly. They attach to the big very securely, and they cinch up so that things don't shift around inside them. I put workout clothes in one bag, and the inner water proof liner keeps the stink from permeating the office while at my desk!.

I've yet to use these bags for the adventure they were built for, but for urban adventuring to the office, store, etc. they are just the ticket.

Fantastic looking produced

I haven’t used them yet but they look like a quality product and hope to get them on the bike early next year.

Bullet Proof

This is the toughest gear you can buy. There is none better.

Wonderful product from even better company

I recently borrowed a friends bike to do a BDR in Idaho that was equipped with mosko moto backcountry 35 l panniers.
I unfortunately hit a sideways log that caused some damage to one of the panniers, however if the impact would have happened with a hard pannier I certainly would have sustained injuries.
I contacted mosko moto to fix or replace the pannier and was delighted that instead of just selling me a whole new kit, they offered a replacement bag for much less and rushed it out!
Needless to say I loved the bike and Mosko Moto setup so much the bike and luggage are now mine!
The personal customer service and concern that Mosko Moto showed to me as well as the quality of their brilliant product have made me a Mosco Moto user for life!

35 Backcountry, Nomad , 40 Lt Duffle.

Recently purchased the 35lt Backcountry Panniers and mount kit for BMW motorcycle, all fits perfectly, nothing came loose after about 300kms of corrugation and dirt roads . Compliments the Nomad and Backcountry 40lt Duffel. Awesome gear totally dust Free and Hassle Free. 👍👍💪💪💪🏁🏁🏁

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