• Mosko Moto Hardware Backcountry Pannier 35L - Left Side, Bag Only

Backcountry Pannier 35L - Left Side, Bag Only

$ 210.00

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This is the left-side bag only, no external frame and no mounting hardware. Comes with dry bags inserts.

35 Liter capacity per side.

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Backcountry Pannier 35's - the best by far! :-)

I just received my Backcountry 35 panniers a couple of days ago and they are AWESOME! really tough, well thought out and best of all ... they look really cool! :-) Dealing with the guys at Moskomoto was ... as Lemmy from Revzilla would say, on a beard difficulty scale ... they would be a 1 - too easy!
Shipping was great and they kept me informed of the progress all the way, I only got the panniers as I wanted to mount them to my Giant Loop quick release racks. One thing I would mention if you are looking to mount them on a different rack system to theirs is that the panniers come pre-drilled so you might end up with a couple of holes not covered which you may want to glue some patches on from the inside (just to keep any dust or moisture out between the inner & outer bags) ... it doesn't affect the water proof side of things as the inner bag is untouched, just a couple of tiny pre-drilled holes on the outside which may not line up if you have different racks (Giant Loop racks are smaller in physical size to Moskomoto one's). I managed to get all but two of the pre-drilled holes hidden under my Giant Loop racks so all is good .. just a thing to be aware of. The Giant Loop racks aren't as hard core as the Moskomoto one's but I wanted a cleaner look on the bike when the panniers weren't on, that's all. The panniers sit great on the bike, keeping the weight down low but still high enough that you're not going to rub them on those tight twisty back roads (on the way to the dirt - I have a KTM 1290SA & R1200GS). All in all, I'm way pleased with the panniers ... Moskomoto make a great product and you can see the attention to detail in the way they are constructed ... I looked at pretty much every pannier on the market (hard & soft) and am glad I settled on these ... they look like they'll outlast the bike! :-)

Bullet proof gear!

These bags are built to endure the toughest and harshest conditions imparted by the meanest riders out there. The quality and finish plus the innovative design makes this gear and the Mosko brand a total winner! You can really tell that this is gear designed and built by riders, for riders.


Backcountry Pannier 35L - Left Side, Bag Only

The best bag, best materials, and best quality

This Pannier 35L is an awesome bag. It is made with high quality materials, excellent build quality that stands the test of time. You can beat the heck out of it and it holds up great. You can't say that about the competition - Mosko Moto has changed the game.

How I use the BC 35L Panniers

I have had my 35L panniers for over a year now, and they are perfect. Sometimes I use them in combination with the BC40L duffle. Last week we went out to camp on the desert, and this equipment caught the eye of all the other 21 bikers, so I hope you'll get some orders from Peru soon!

I have incorporated two small Molle pouches (not Mosko's) to each of the BC 35L panniers, and they work great! Since I dont like to use a tank bag, in those pouches I keep things that I want to reach quickly during short stops (and without having to dismount) like energy gels, fruit, a cap, my sun glasses. Unless I am heading to the Andes, I dont use the waterproof inner bags; this way the panniers are lighter and have more capacity. Besides the regular bulky camping equipment, to this camping I was able to bring a medium size tarp and collapsible poles to set up on the desert. Also, inside of one of the panniers I brought a small lunchbox with frozen beers and frozen food, and after 16 hours of very hot weather, my beers were still super cold, thanks to the protection and isolation of the pannier.

Overall, this product is excellent! I also own the BC 40L duffle and sometimes I use them in combination with the panniers. And there is still plenty space for my girlfriend to ride with me.

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