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Mosko Moto Gear Guides are active proponents of backcountry moto travel. They've volunteered to answer your ADV-related questions, or introduce you to someone who can.  The Gear Guides represent Mosko out on the trail, and we seek to represent them in the way we run our business. Find a guide below and send them a note, they’ll get you pointed in the right direction. 

Dusty Wessels- dustyroadsmoto (at) gmail (dot) com

I rode my first motorcycle when I was 5.  I had dirt bikes as a kid but put riding aside for most of my 20's to finish school and start a career.  Now adventure bikes and the adventure lifestyle are my passion. Raised in Colorado, I have spent my life experiencing its amazing backcountry in all the elements.  I grew up hiking, fly fishing, skiing, backpacking, riding motorcycles, and basically just taking in everything Colorado has to offer. Of all the hobbies I’ve had over the years, adventure motorcycle riding gives me freedom, fresh air, camaraderie, a sense of self-reliance, and excitement that all the other hobbies don’t.  People travel from around the world to experience this part of the country, and I’m lucky enough to live here.  I want to help you experience it by motorcycle. 

Dave Wachs- david (at) wachsstudio (dot) com

Growing up in Tucson, AZ we could literally ride to Nogales, Sonora but we always came home the same day. Living in Montana and New Mexico also delivered many amazing day routes and scenery to explore on one of the many bikes I ran into the ground. Moving back to Oregon in 1992 I met a another rider that suggested we load up back packs and go cross-country for a few days which I thought was the most ridiculous thing you could suggest. What about fuel? We’ll need a bunch of tools and junk too? We cobbled together some doggie back pack saddlebags strapped across the subframe under the seat and headed out for a truly life-changing trip. We had an absolute blast and learned a lot right away, like it doesn’t take much to keep your bag from melting on the exhaust but you'd better think that one through before the ride. Thousands of miles later, it's putting those dates on the calendar and pulling out of the driveway when the day arrives that are some of the most inspiring and freeing feelings I cherish and enjoy sharing. 

Trev Richter- coloradoadvmoto (at) yahoo (dot) com

I'm from Ft. Collins, CO and own Colorado ADV Moto. I help people outfit their bikes with the best gear for adventure riding, from hard parts to camping equipment. I am lucky to have a wife that rides her own GS, and together we have a son.  I have been on 2 wheels for most of my life, from BMX as a kid, and motorcycles in my teenage years, to now. I have always wanted to combine my passion's of camping, travel, and motorcycles, and adventure riding has done that!  In my opinion, it's the only way to travel. I have been a coach and tour guide for Rawhyde since 2014. I have met a lot of great people, made some very close friends, and have LOVED every second. It is an honor to help someone improve a skill or get past a fear. See you on the trail.

Ed Surman- edsurman (at) gmail (dot) com

Adventure motorcycling is a way of life for me these days. I first got the bug exploring the vastness of the Aussie outback. I am currently on an overland adventure with no fixed end date. So far I have explored the SW USA, Baja and into central Mexico. I’m living off my bike with all my gear stowed in my Mosko Backcountry panniers. I’m loving a life on the road and happy to share my passion for motorcycle travel and lessons learnt along the way.

Greg Hilchey- greg.hilchey (at) gmail (dot) com

It's not the destination but the journey that takes us there. Growing up in New England, my experiences came from the "other" groups of motorbike enthusiasts. The name brands in my neighborhood were bikes like Triumph, BSA, and BMW. One of my first bikes was a 1971 Suzuki T-500. Cafe racers were the thing, inspired by the sleek European styling and a desire to be unique. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2000, I discovered Dual Sport and Adventure touring. I haven’t looked back since. I live every day for my next adventure whether it be a weekend excursion or riding across the desserts of Africa. I have since become an off road instructor with PSSOR, sharing my experiences and knowledge with others looking to achieve their own dreams. Today, my inspirations come from world adventure riders like Helge Pederson and Lisa & Simon Thomas, who I am proud to call my friends.

Fletch Newland- fletch (at) necessarytoys (dot) com

25 years ago I rode a motorcycle because it was all I could afford. Back then I had no proper gear and it was largely miserable in the Northwest rain, soaked to the skin all the time.  I loved it anyway. Now I ride every chance I can, both off-road and on. My stable has grown to include a BMW R1200GS, a KTM 690 (greatest bike ever?!?), and a KTM XCF-W250S.  I work part-time as an instructor at PSSOR teaching off-road riding skills, and I’ve also been a student at courses from PSSOR, Jimmy Lewis, and soon Shane Watts. Getting better is just so much fun.  I attend a number of off road rally’s each year, and I helped found the PNW March Moto Madness event.

Bill Whitacre - williamwhitacre (at) mac (dot) com

Adventure motorcycling is my passion. I’ve had wonderful experiences exploring the backcountry of seven countries and all over the western United States, Canada and Alaska. The biggest problem is finding time to fit all the new adventures into my schedule! I have many more miles of dirt to cover. Here in Idaho, I’m fortunate to have some of the best adventure riding in the world right in my backyard. I enjoy hitting a couple of rallies every year to catch up with the many people I’ve connected with over the years, but what I enjoy most is just with a couple of us exploring the backcountry for ghost towns, lookouts and old mining operations. And I always need an epic adventure trip to plan every year. Helping with thoughts, ideas or just sharing my experiences is just part of what we all do. I have learned a lot from doing it wrong the first time or two but I keep dialing it in and experiencing the excitement of adventure riding. Let me know how I can help.

Paul Solomonson- GSadventurepig (at) gmail (dot) com

I am relatively new to off-road and adventure riding. I grew up in Minnesota riding on the street and after 20 years moving around in the Army, I discovered that I enjoy the roads less traveled. Most of the less traveled roads are often not paved, and sometimes not even roads. I love to take my GS Adventure places that a bike that large has no business being. I am an Instructor with PSSOR and get to use these fun areas as my classroom. I am a firm believer that knowledge not shared, is knowledge wasted. And with that, I am off to find my next adventure. See you on the trail!

Paul Stewart, aka 'rtwPaul' - ridingrtw (at) gmail (dot) com

I have been riding for over forty years; long adventure trips in recent years have become the main part of my life. If has brought me back to photography which I received a degree in at Queens College in England in my teens. The more I ride, the more I want to ride, to date having ridden in all 50 states and 78 countries and counting. In 2008 I had a stroke and went blind for a short time and that heightened my sense of adventure even more. I made a statement a few years back and recently found another adventure rider quoting me, but now reading it at a later date I think it personifies me as a rider… "As long as there's a horizon and I can see it, then I want to know what's there, mentally, physically and visually"

Brandon Campbell - brandon (at) rollonearth (dot) org

I have been in pursuit of adventure since a young age. From the opportunity to play pro baseball to sliding racecars at high speed, I finally found my passion in two-wheeled adventuring. I began on an XR600R exploring the mountains of Northern Georgia. I now ride a R1200GS Adventure from our home-base in the Boulder Colorado area. Combined with years of photojournalism, I am driven to capture and share new memories.

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