Rick Lieberson

Portland, OR

"ADVRider.com had a cool thread about a new company, Mosko Moto, and down the rabbit hole I went."

Location: Portland, Oregon.

Motorcycles I own: 2006 DRZ400S, 2017 Yamaha WR250R, 2018 Beta 390RRs, 2019 KTM 690R.

Places I ride most often: The Tillamook Forest Coast Range in western Oregon (forest roads and OHV areas) and when in Central Oregon, any gravel road and OHV’s near the Sisters / Bend area.

Mosko Luggage I currently own: Reckless 10, Reckless 40, Reckless 80, Pico Tank Bag, Nomax Tank Bag, Scout 25L Pannier Kit, and various misc. dry bags and accessories.

Mosko Apparel I currently own: Jerseys, Woodsman Pants, Basilisk Jacket and Pants, Jackaloft, Rak Pullover, tees and caps.

Motorcycle Groups/Clubs I participate in: Oregon BDR Riders (OBDR), Central Oregon Dual Sport.

What makes me want to be involved with the ADV Riding community: The ADV and off-road riding community is my connection to activities and values I hold most dear. Inspiration, friendships, exercise, exploration, freedom, community, and education.

Why I choose Mosko Moto over other brands: Mosko Moto connects all of the above for me. Their company/family vibe seems to embrace not only my core values but values I think are being ignored or minimized by most businesses, in and out of the riding community. At Mosko, these attributes flow down from the founders and circulates and empowers the entire MM team. And I have never been involved with an organization that puts such a high value on customer feedback and input.

Bio: In late 2015 my wife noticed I kept looking at each passing motorcycle. She was unaware of my early riding days back in the ’70s and ’80s. Finally, she asked why I was always looking at them. I filled her in on my old motocross and desert play days and by the following weekend, she had me in a motorcycle dealership buying a beautiful BMW F700GS! After a decades-long break from riding, I was back.  When it came to luggage I found myself at odds with the limited options. Riders were pushing me towards those large metal boxes bolted onto the rear. My instincts told me that those things would really hurt if they fell on me during the inevitable off. ADVRider.com had a cool thread about a new company, Mosko Moto, and down the rabbit hole I went. After I read all the team bios, I found myself not only drawn to the products but drawn even more to the personalities behind them. I paid them a visit, and impressed would be an understatement. I bought my first Mosko Moto product in March of 2016. A Reckless 80L rackless system. My relationship with Mosko Moto products, the amazing people behind the brand, and the Mosko Moto community, supercharged my enthusiasm not only for my own riding but for engaging with hundreds of fellow riders. Multiple bikes and thousands of miles later, I’m thrilled to be part of the Mosko Moto Field Team.

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