Forest Beault

Montrose, CO

"I joined the Air Force at age 18 and began my career as a Crew Chief on KC-10 aircraft."

Location: Montrose, Colorado

Motorcycles I own: Yamaha T7

Places I ride most often: Mexico, Colorado, and Utah

Mosko Luggage I currently own: Reckless 40L, Reckless 80L, and Hood Tank Bag 

Mosko Apparel I currently own: All of it 

Motorcycle Groups/Clubs I participate in: The Mosko Riders Group on Facebook

What makes me want to be involved with the ADV Riding community: I just love to explore!

Why I choose Mosko Moto over other brands: Quality and versatility.

Bio: I am a motorcyclist and mechanic based in Colorado. I joined the Air Force at age 18 and began my career as a Crew Chief on KC-10 aircraft. While traveling the world, I developed an in-depth understanding of mechanics, metal fabrication, and essential physics of how things work. Harnessing that knowledge, I have spent time rebuilding bikes, competing in vintage trials races, exploring internationally with nothing but a backpack and a motorcycle, and completed all of the Backcountry Discovery Routes in the Summer of 2018. When I’m not linking my favorite off-road rides from Colorado to Washington, or working on a custom motorcycle build, I can be found teaching off-road riding skills, working as a mechanic and fabricator, and sharing my love of motorcycling with others.

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