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Backcountry Cinch Straps (pair)

Now even stronger! The Backcountry Cinch Straps are used to secure a rear duffle or pannier topper to your bike. This is our version of the ultimate cinch strap. There are no elastic or plastic parts to break/stretch on a long trip – just high-tensile polyfilament webbing, two metal cam buckles, and features you won’t find in any other strap. Price is per pair

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Required for duffel back! 😊

Backcountry 40L Duffle back can be attached. Even if the luggage increases and the beaver tail swells, it's okay.
Conversely, even if your luggage decreases, you can safely tighten the strap.
Others seem to be strong enough to tow a bike.

Loving My Softsides

I do a lot of adventure riding and having a softside option is terrific.

Very good Strap

Very durable and flexible strap. Good build and good design. It can handle anything that you want to pack on your bike. In fact this is the best straps I've ever used. I and my friend ordered 2 pack of this together and we still haven't regret any cents we paid for this, except we're from Vietnam and we have to ship this "made in Vietnam" strap back to Vietnam lol (finding this very funny after unpacking the shipment, really)

excellent bags

it is a pleasure to use the bags! In every little thing you can see that moskomoto, are proff biker himself! Thank you very for these high quality bags!


I just received my Mosko 60 l, duffle and cinch straps. Although I have not used it on an actual trip yet, I thoroughly analysed it and am very, very happy with my purchase.
I find the construction quality and materials used to be of the very highest quality.
I am also very well impressed how this product design is so well thought out.
Its clear that whoever designed this product is very experienced in using such products.
As one rolls the bag in the inside trapped air shows how water proof the product is. However, I would suggest adding an air valve in order to let the trapped air out while rolling it in making it much easier to close the bag.
Ideally, the valve would be retrofitable by their owner allowing earlier customers to install one of these valves in their product.

Congratulations one a really great product !

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