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Cleat Kit

Our aluminum cleats are great tie-down options for both the Reckless 40 and Reckless 80 luggage systems. Straps can usually be attached to passenger foot-pegs or the top rear rack, but some bikes lack good tie-down points like this, so we designed these cleats to provide extra anchor points to keep your bag solidly in place.

Each kit comes with one cleat (bracket) and accompanying hardware for easy fastening to your bike. We use them on our plastics, placing them strategically based on different bike models to ensure fore and aft anchoring. Where to place them exactly is up to you and your individual bike model.

The Reckless 40 comes with two cleat kits. If you want to place your Reckless 40 on another bike or you don't have a top rear rack you may want to purchase two to four more cleat kits. 

The Reckless 80 is generally used on larger bikes that have passenger foot pegs and a top rear rack which are used as tie-down points, so we don't include them with the Reckless 80. If you are running your Reckless 80 on a bike without passenger foot pegs or the top rear rack, or want the angle of the tie-down to be different you may want to purchase two cleat kits. 

* Please note that we have had the cleats filed down and rounded slightly where the webbing rubs against the aluminum the most. Despite this please check your webbing for wear and adjust as necessary to save webbing from further damage. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great service

The order was fulfilled very quickly and besides were sent extra items. Friendly and complete service!

Fit the bill!

Our Mosko Reckless 40' performed great! Build quality and design are top notch and durable. They fit great and secure on our 500 exc's. Would highly recommend!! The Reckless 40 fit the bill!!

Super Awesome

Super Awesome. I am not sure how to hook up the rear strap on my DRZ. Will look at the video again. I am worried about the exhaust gas melting the rear strap. Love the bags they fit awesome. Look forward to loading them up and heading into the woods

Just the job for my Rackless 80 system

Fitted to 2019 690 enduro. Drilled the rear foot peg mounts.

Tour de France

Have been using the Reckless 80 for a week so far on a tour of France. Very happy with the bags and attention to details; will provide a detailed review once this ride finishes in three weeks. Keep up the good work and great customer support. Photos to follow once I’m home.

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