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Forcefield Pro Tube XV2 Air - Elbow/Knee Armor


A simple, lightweight, and breathable armor solution. The Forcefield Pro Tube XV2  Air can be used for elbow or knee protection.

From Forcefield: The Pro Tubes are designed to fit on the knees or the elbows depending on your needs and the size of the tube fitted. Offering superb levels of impact protection and remaining in place under your outer clothing all day long should they be called to action. Utilizing our BeCool and Dry Yarn technologies has resulted in a fabric that not only is lighter, with unbeatable breathability but is as strong as a regular fabric.

The Isolator armor draws on our years of experience to achieve an armor that is lightweight, soft, and heat-activated to mold to your body whilst offering unparalleled protection.

The Pro XV2 AIR range matches unsurpassed levels of comfort with unbeatable armor protection in a range of garments that will have you wondering why you haven't been wearing them as standard whatever your style of riding.

Featuring CE level 2* Isolator armor which can easily be removed from the internal pocket to wash the garment

*Sold as a pair



  • can be used for elbow or knee protection
  • Seam-less loom mesh technology
  • BeCool™ 4-channel, base layer technology for increased breathability and wicking
  • Heat-activated body molding
  • Ergonomic design
  • Airflow control and humidity discharge
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Armor windows providing extra venting
  • Lighter weight breathable base layer fabric
  • Lighter weight removable armor
  • Armor thickness from only 12mm CE2
  • Isolator 2 passes all 4 areas of the CE2 test (Ambient, Wet, Hot, Cold)
  • Removable dual Elastic straps
  • Repeat Performance Technology
  • DRI-M technology. (Dynamic Reactive Intelligent Materials)
  • Passes CE Level 2 test from 10.6kN ! (the pass level is 20kN or less)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mark Gonzales
Forcefield pro knee armor

The large fits my knee well. Thick, strong legs.
Don’t love the Velcro straps, they kinda turn inside out getting my riding pants on. And being sewn on front make the widest part even wider. Generally I find the boots (tall) hold them up and the stretch fabric keeps them in place without the straps.
These fit very comfortable. Do wish the armor wrapped around the outside some.
I like them but I’m going to keep looking for something more protective.
Definitely better than in the pants armor.

Karthik Sainath
Amazing armor

Fantastic armor for the knee, and really super comfortable for all day riding and walking

Apostolos Valakelis
Good knee pads if you’re wearing MX boots

I like these knee pads a lot. Over 3 full days wearing them and didn’t feel them at all. They’re very breathable and the material that’s used is silky soft . The only issue is that if you’re not wearing tall boots like MX style, the pads will slide down. For $100, these are my favorite option. They lose a star for the sliding down issue.

Either saved me or hurt me

I had a drop down at about 15 mph in rutted sand on my Africa Twin Adventure sport, and landed directly on my elbow.
I was wearing the force field elbow pads and I could feel them move as soon as my elbow hit the sand. I came out with a bloody abrasion on my elbow and it swelled up pretty bad. Never went to the doctor but I think I might have fractured it.
So honestly I'm not sure if the elbow pad saved me from something worse or if somehow the pad being a little loose kind of caused the damage. I'm not a big fan of the velcro straps. I think I'm going to try slip-ons next.
The force fields that I have are velcro straps.

Jacek Archacki
Elbows protector

I got this elbows protector sleeves, and they best one I have so far. I just hope they have more in stock so I can by for my knees to ;)