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Steelcore Luggage Locking Strap (Single Strap)


Our Steelcore Locking Strap protects your bag from would-be thieves. It locks the bag to the bike and locks the roll-top closed with a single strap, providing peace of mind when your bike is unattended for a short period, for example at border crossings.

Steelcore Locking Straps are made from Steel Encased Webbing  heavy duty webbing wrapped around a braided steel cable  which is significantly harder to clip than steel cable alone. They feature a locking aluminum cam buckle which can be tightened but not loosened, so you can cinch the strap tight around your bag.

As with all security systems, the Locking Strap is intended as a deterrent. A determined thief with the right tools and enough time will eventually get in. The Locking Strap simply makes their job more difficult.  

The Locking Strap is available in two lengths: 4.5' and 6'. Choose the correct length and number of straps for your luggage system below. Please refer to the 'Videos' tab above for mounting instructions. Note that your order may use varying key codes.

If you have previously purchased a Steelcore strap from us and would like to purchase another that will work with your existing keys please contact us at before purchasing.

- Backcountry 25/35L Pannier Kit: Two 4.5' Straps

- Backcountry 30/40L Duffle: One 6' Strap

- Scout 25L Pannier Kit: Two 4.5' Straps

- Scout 25/60L Duffle: One 4.5' Strap

- Reckless 80: Four 4.5' Straps (two for center duffle, one for each side bag)

- Reckless 40: Three 4.5' Straps (One for center duffle, one for each side bag. Note that the side bags on the R40 do not lock as securely as on the R80 because of the narrower width of the legs.)

- Other Assorted Drybags: One 4.5' Strap 

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Product Specs
  • Length: 4.5' & 6' lengths
  • Construction + Materials
  • Braided steel cable inside of heavy duty webbing is harder to cut than cable alone
  • Locks bags to the bike, and also locks them closed
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Portable security done right!

    I’m more than happy with the security the steelcore locking straps provide. Easy on and off. Easy storage. Matching key options available. These have it all. To those that think hard luggage is any more secure, I would remind you that they have cordless saws available to any would be thief at Home Depot. The bottom line is that any luggage lock, hard or soft, provides a deterrent. It’s all a matter of how determined someone is to get into your luggage. These straps provide the right balance between convenience and security. I highly recommend them.

    Essential adventure gear

    I bought three, 6-foot straps for security for my Reckless 80 on a trip through Mexico. It is hard to tell if it deterred anyone, but so far nothing has been taken and I have greater piece of mind when away from the bike sightseeing. When I park overnight, I just cinch down the Reckless harness with a locking strap and leave it on the bike.

    But the biggest advantage has been that now I also have very good tie-down straps. Unfortunately, I had a break down but could use these straps to securely get the bike into the back of a pick up. Even when I’m not worried about security, I’ll still carry these just in case.

    Excellent straps!

    Steelcore luggage locking straps

    I purchased these for my atacoma bags and they work great! Don’t worry about my gear when I have to walk away from my bike. Customer service is amazing and very helpful!!!

    Amazing product - didn't realize what I needed was already invented!

    I needed a way to secure my soft luggage and thought I was brilliant when I thought about looping it with a tight cable and locking it. Well, turns out someone else had a better idea! I bought 3 Steelcore straps and they are perfect - excellent product. The bad guys are going to have to steal my entire bike before they'll get my soft luggage open. Great product, great company!

    Love my Mosko gear

    I have taken several 1-4 week trips these past two years with my 35L panniers, each with a 4L Molle Storage Pouch, and my 25L Duffle, with it's own 4L Molle Storage Pouch. That is my travel gear - holds everything I need. All camping gear, food, water & wine lives in the panniers; clothes, toiletries and electronics live in the Duffle. The Duffle goes in the tent or hotel with me. (I have a tool roll I strap inside one pannier frame). The Duffle is secured to a tail plate with Mosko Cinch Straps, and everything gets locked up with two 4.5 foot Steelcore Locking Straps. I've had this set-up just shy of two years & I love it. Believe it or not, everything still looks like new too. Mosko products are very well thought out, super high quality, very durable, highly functional and just plain easy to use. I drank the Kool-Aid and am very happy I did. I haven't used my expensive hard panniers since.

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