• Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System
  • Mosko Moto Rackless System Reckless 10L System

Reckless 10L System

$ 210.00

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The Reckless 10 is a minimalist luggage solution for dirt bikes and dual-sports. It's for the riders searching out single-track on a small bikes, covered in dust, with minimal gear, a dirt-mustache, and a shit-eating grin. It’s a bag for trail-builders and explorers.

The Reckless 10 carries your tools, tubes, snacks, extra gas, and a jacket in case it gets cold. Try taking the weight out of your backpack and off your back, and moving it down to the bike itself. Your body will thank you.

The Reckless 10 follows the same format as the larger R40 and R80, with a sewn-seam harness that holds two roll-top, welded-seam drybags securely in place. The drybags can also be removed, leaving the leg harness available for fuel bottles and/or a hydration reservoir.

In the center of the Reckless 10, we added a removable, expandable beavertail, which can be oriented either perpendicular or parallel to the direction of the bike. This is an excellent spot to tuck a rolled up jacket, or a third drybag if you need additional storage. It also fits a small chainsaw or other trail-maintenance tools.

On the front and rear of the R10 legs, we added MOLLE webbing, so you can expand and customize the bag as needed. The MOLLE webbing is a great spot for fuel bottles, an InReach, a knife, a small first aid kit, or a multitool.

The R10 kit includes the harness, two drybags, an exhaust heat shield, and two mounting cleats.

The Reckless 10 comes with one laser-cut aluminum exhaust heat shield. 

Please Note:

a) Every Reckless 10, Reckless 40 and Reckless 80 comes with an included heat shield. Please use the heat shield! Exhaust and exhaust heat burns are not covered by your warranty. Before you leave for your trip, we recommend checking and double checking that no part of the bag or your bike's plastics are contacting the exhaust. On dual-exhaust bikes or bikes with especially high/exposed pipes, you will need a second heat shield, which is available for purchase in the 'Hardware & Parts" section of our website. When installing the Reckless system on your bike, please make sure the exhaust is not blowing directly on the bag. In general, make sure the bag is not touching or close to extreme heat; go physically around the bag daily, cinch it tight, and make any necessary adjustments.

b) The Reckless systems were designed for rugged riding. They have a durable hypalon and ballistic nylon backing that can rub against the plastic parts of the bike, resulting in minor abrasion. Please take precautions if you do not want your bike parts marred by placing a clear adhesive sheet to where abrasion may occur on your motorcycle. Some examples of protective products are listed below. We suggest taking a short test ride with protection applied and with a loaded Reckless installed on the bike to assure satisfactory results.

Allstar Performance Tape 

3M Polymask Protective Tape

c) There are many "wear points" on the Reckless system that are different on every bike. See this video for examples. These could be on the bottom of the bag - where the harness touches the bike or luggage rack - or on the drybags themselves, where they contact the harness, tent poles, or other items. After your first day or two of riding, please inspect the bags carefully, identify high-friction wear points, and either remedy the friction or apply a sacrificial 'patch' that can be periodically replaced before the bag itself is damaged. In particular, it is normal for the fabric on the bottom of the harness to show wear, and this does not affect the structural integrity of the bag nor its waterproofing.

  • If friction causes the fabric on the bottom of your bag to wear through, this is not a big deal. There is a hard plastic plate inside the Reckless harness that will prevent the friction from reaching your drybags, and thereby affecting the functionality of the system. Fabric, vibrating under pressure between the hard plastic inside the harness and a hard metal bike part, will eventually wear out. To prevent this, apply a sacrificial patch to the wear point, or apply some padding on the bike. 
  • If your connection straps are wrapping around a sharp metal edge, for example on a bag mounting cleat, foot peg, or luggage rack, and the straps begin to show signs of wear, it is critical to address the wear before the strap is too far worn to use. Either file/grind the sharp edge, or apply (and maintain) a sacrificial 'sleeve' for the webbing made from fabric, additional webbing, or duct tape. A sharp metal edge vibrating under pressure will eventually wear through webbing, sometimes quickly. If this occurs, take some extra webbing to a local sewing shop and they should be able to easily repair the damage.


- Easily mounts in minutes to virtually any dirt bike or smaller dual-sport

- 10L total capacity, with 5L in each side bag 

- Removable and/or adjustable beavertail stash spot

- MOLLE expandability 

- Two bag system – tough bag inside, dry bag outside 

- Removable 'leash' at the bottom of each 5L dry bag, perfect attachment leash for running fuel bottles in the harness rather than your dry bags (video coming soon!)

- Outer harness made from 1680D ballistic nylon, with bomber hypalon armor panels on the side legs to protect from abrasion. Harness has an internal PE stiffener that runs the entire length of the bag, so it won’t flop around while you are riding

- Double-strip MOLLE on the back of each leg for quick attachment/removal of MOLLE accessories. **NOTE** If you intend to run fuel bottles here on this MOLLE strip, there is a chance that the non-exhaust side of the kit will want to swing into the rear wheel well, due to the weight - caution! Blog post coming soon to explain, and video to follow! 

- Aluminum stiffener at the bottom of each leg, to add lateral stiffness while providing multiple mounting angles for each leg

- Leg attachment straps are removable, not sewn-on, so they can be easily field-repaired/replaced in the event of a crash

- Multiple latch points under beavertail (great for license plate attachment!) 

- Protective EVA foam wear pads between harness and bike

- Comes with an aluminum heat shield and hose clamp to protect the underside of the bag from exhaust burns


**See 0:38 in the below video for R10 specific content, more videos coming soon!** 


PDF Footprint of the Reckless 10 coming soon!

- Length: 27" (68cm)

- Width: 17" (43cm)

- Height: 4.5" (11cm) 

PDF Footprint of the Reckless 10 coming soon!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Reckless 10 soft bags-PERFECT!!

Wow! For daytripping while exploring gnarly terrain, this is PERFECT! Thoughtfully designed and engineered, these bags are perfect for use on light dirt bikes while exploring your favorite gnarly goodness. Carry snacks, extra fuel, clothing layers, tools!! Options are endless! Loving mine! Mosko Moto folks are some of the best that you'll run into when dealing with a company. Customer service second to none!

Just right

Very well built, clever design, doesn't get in my way while riding my Husqvarna 701. I have yet to damage any Mosko gear or have it fall prey to the elements - great bang for the buck.

Mosko Reckless 10L

Cannot say enough about the quality of the 10L Reckless system. I keep it on my bike all the time. Thank you for designing this product.

Reckless 10L

These seem to fit nicely and are well made like all the mosko products. These should be perfect on my 200 xc for day trips

Well made bags

Mounted these on a KTM 500 EXCF for when I'm off road much better place to put air pump, plug kit, and tire gauge, first aid kit and knife. They seem well made they don't hold a lot but they are not intened too. The dry bags seem very rugged and look like they will keep stuff dry. I don't see an issue with durability. They seem pretty well made. Took me 3 days to come up with a perfect mounting solution, but I think I got it. Can't wait to hit Colorado in the Summer.

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