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Scout 25L Duffle


The Scout 25 Duffle is a single-layer, welded-seam, roll-top drybag. We loaded it with every moto-specific feature we could think of. It quickly converts to a comfortable backpack, complete with padded shoulder straps, internal stiffener, waist belt, and sternum strap. It also includes a handy beavertail stash spot, and a 20L laundry bag. The Scout 25 works great as a standalone tailbag, a travel bag, or a pannier topper on hard boxes.

The Scout 25 is a welded-seam roll-top drybag designed to be mounted on a rear luggage rack or as a topper for hard-sided panniers and/or top boxes. The backpack straps are handy if you breakdown and need to hike out, or when navigating an airport or border crossing on fly-to-ride trips. They're also handy when you need to get all your gear to an upstairs hotel room in a single trip. The backpack straps stash flat in an external pocket, and clip to two d-rings on the bottom of the bag.

The Scout 25 Duffle includes a unique beavertail with a waterproof map pocket on one side and 5 columns of MOLLE webbing on the other, so you can expand and customize this bag with an assortment of optional MOLLE accessories like fuel bottle holders or a hydration sleeve. The beavertail also provides a convenient place to tuck a jacket during the day, or to store wet/dirty things like a rainfly, tarp, or towel.

The Scout 25 has side cinch strap pass-throughs (we recommend our Backcountry Cinch Strap) so you don't have to worry about your bag squeezing out to the side of the bike in bumpy terrain. There's an internal stiffener to prevent it from drooping over the side of your bike and burning on the exhaust. The Scout includes a comfortable, padded shoulder strap that stashes away under the beavertail when it's not in use. There are two comfortable, padded carry handles at the ends of the bag, and two webbing handles on the side.

The Scout Duffle also includes a 20L seam-sealed Drysak, so you can keep dirty/damp clothing, shoes, and other items separate from the rest of your clean/dry belongings. It also has two internal end-pockets with velcro flap closures for storing small items like a headlamp or toothbrush.

Want to protect your Scout Duffle and gear from thieves? Add one of our Steelcore Locking Straps. The Scout Duffles (both sizes) require a single 4.5' strap. Mounting instructions can be found in this video.

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Easy on/off mounting
Stash Spots
100% Waterproof
Molle Expandability


  • 1. Webbing pass-through for connection straps
  • 2. Reversible beavertail – MOLLE panel/map+doc pocket
  • 3. Padded, comfy shoulder strap for casual carry
  • 4. Deployable backpack straps – when you need them!
  • 5. Reinforced ends/bottom for added abrasion resistance
  • 6. 4 Super comfy grab handles
Product Specs
  • Capacity: 25 Liters
  • Width: 10"
  • Length: 17"
  • Total Height: 18"
  • Rolled Height: 12"
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • Construction + Materials
  • Dry Bag Materials: 100% waterproof 800D polyurethane coated (PVC free) with welded-seams
  • Internal bottom stiffener to help the bag keep its shape
  • Map pocket: Waterproof zip-lock
  • Kit Includes
  • Scout 25L Duffle
  • 20L drysak
  • Reversible beavertail – MOLLE panel/Clear map pocket

    We needed this.

    Product Creation at Mosko is an effort born of necessity. Everyone on our team rides – and time on the trail translates to an innovative, always improving product line. Crafting gear that will outperform in even the most harsh riding conditions means we make no compromise, ever.

    “This bag is great! I use it as a tailbag on my 1090 on top of an AltRider Rear Luggage rack and it's a perfect fit! It's the perfect size to hold darn near everything I need for a ride into work or an overnighter into the forest. Super well built, dry (and that's important in the PNW) and as a bonus - it works great for a backrest when loaded up for my pillion! This bag checks all the boxes and then some. Get one!”

    – Ryan, 2018

    In The Wild

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 115 reviews

    Add permanent handles to carry as a go/gum bag. Great bag I use it for all types of outings

    Rocking the Scout 25 Kit

    Having run a lot of different pannier kits and being in the industry, I have above average experience and knowledge based on my involvement with after market products as well as extensive back country riding. The Scout25's have become my go-to back country kit because of its awesome versatility. First, the weight factor can be mitigated by changes for use. Meaning, the Scout25's can be configured to whatever you need for hauling, or not. On one side of the spectrum the Scout 25's can be fully loaded with the (sold separately) molle patch, fuel bottle holders, and your own dry bag configuration. I've loaded my entire solo-camp kit with only a minimal amount of gear reduction: the Scout25 kit is a minimalist kit; it's not a replacement for the Back Country 35L pannier kit Mosko Moto is famous for. On the other side of the spectrum; I ride 80% off road in the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia, mostly solo and in remote areas. I always run a bivvy kit as well as extra fuel. So, I kit with the molle patches, 4 fuel bottle pouches, a molle mounted Gerber survival knife mounted between the pouches on one side and a bear spray bottle mounted between the pouches on the other side. Also, I run the Mosko Moto 40L duffel across the luggage rack to complete the solo kit. I've got my basic covered without hauling any extra bag(s). Unlike the 35L panniers, the Scout25's can be scaled up or down to meet needs while the Back Country 35L kit has a heavier static weight to haul while empty. I am not knocking the Back Country 35L kit at all, they are magnificent and a leader in the world of adventure riding: I just like the adjustable weight options of the Scout 25's when empty or not needed. Even though I have plenty of power from the R1200GS Rallye, more weight is never a wanted 'thing' while riding the hippo, Puddin, off road. My money is on the Scout 25 pannier and molle patch kit as a go-to for solo journeys.

    Perfect Size for Weekend Warroir

    I am from Singapore and ride to Malaysia for weekend. We have tropical weather and this Scout 25L hold up well on my BMW F850 GS, It sit firmly & perfectly, the duffle have enough room necessary for the weekend. Well design and love it, it will last a longtime. A well deserve 6 stars !

    perfect for the daily commute

    Santa had a great idea; why not gift me a new bag for the daily commute? The old Moto Centric bag was showing signs of wear and tear after 5 years of almost daily use - basically all the zippers were kaputt. The Mosko Moto Scout 25 duffle seemed a logical replacement to carry my notebook computer and lunch containers to and from work. There is room for other items - e.g. a stop at the store. The Scout duffle is a top load design and fully water proof, no zippers to break. Since we finally have some rain in CA I can attest that the bag is tight. The construction looks very solid and I have high hopes for the duffle's durability. Also find the velcro taps on the straps an excellent feature; no loose strap ends to worry about.

    I also have the 4L MOLLE pouch in case more storage room is required for a short weekend ride.

    After I used it for a bit here are two suggestions to improve the flexibility even further. (1) At current the beaver tail needs to be on the bag - unless you want to pull the straps out. If the male/female connectors would be alternated between the straps and beaver tail one could close the straps without having to remove them. You could still flip it over to either of the two sides (MOLLE/map pouch). (2) Add a carrying handle to one of the sides. Currently there is a handle at each end, but this means you carry the bag with the long dimension in the vertical; the latter can be cumbersome for carrying as well as loading on the bike rack.

    Eying a Backcountry 40L for the yearly longer adventure ride.

    Keep great gear coming our way.

    Great addition

    I bought a pair of Scout 25 Duffles for my 2016 R1200GSA. They replaced a 50 liter duffle strapped across the pillion seat. Clearing that area now allows me to move further back when descending while standing on the pegs. They saw their first use attending the Oct '18 GS Giants' Ribfest and I was very pleased. I had plenty of room to carry my sleeping pad, sleeping bag and all the other stuff I bring when camping. Great quality gear that easily strapped to the lids of my panniers. I'll be looking to Mosko Moto for any future motorcycle luggage needs!

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