• Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
  • Mosko Moto Pannier Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)

Scout 25L Pannier Kit (V2.0)
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The Scout 25 V2.0 will be available in September, 2017. If you'd like to be notified when it's ready, please click the link HERE and get on our email contact list. Note: these pics are of a used & washed prototype... the production version looks even better.

Introducing the Scout 25 Pannier System Version 2.0!

Streamlined, weight-efficient, and minimalist, the Scout 25 pannier V2.0 is an entirely new take on quick-release soft luggage. We wanted to design a system that weighs less than the Backcountry 35 - which is built for extreme offroad durability and long distance trips - but preserves the functionality of certain core features, such as a positive attachment to the bike, two layers of crash protection, and an extremely easy on/off mounting system.

There are so many 'over-the-seat' saddlebag systems already on the market, and we didn’t want to design another one of those, so we struck out in a totally different direction. The new Scout 25 firmly attaches to the bike, with a laser-cut aluminum plate that bolts to virtually any pannier rack. A large beavertail harness - made from extremely abrasion-resistant materials like hypalon, ballistic nylon, and polyurethane - connects to the plate, and cinches tight to the bike, holding a removable waterproof drybag in place.

When you reach your destination for the night, simply un-clip the top of the harness and pull out the drybag. A totally new type of quick release. It’s so easy!

The beavertail makes for a handy quick-stash spot for wet & dirty items, and it also protects the drybag in a fall. You get all the benefits of two-layer crash protection, plus the ability to replace damaged parts as components without replacing an entire bag. We eliminated all unnecessary material to keep the Scout’s weight as low as possible. It weighs a tiny bit more than traditional over-the-seat systems (usually a pound or two) due to the aluminum backing and PE armor, but it’s also a whole lot more durable, and so much easier to use.

The Scout’s 100% waterproof welded-seam drybags feature crushable backpack straps, so they can serve double-duty as airline carry-on or emergency hike-out bags. The backpack straps are also handy for getting everything up to your room in a single trip. Each drybag has a tough armor backing, which not only helps it retain its shape, but also protects drybag from abrading on the bike and mounting hardware. The drybags also have a water-resistant front zippered pocket.

For carrying tools and fluids, expanding capacity, or adding a quick-stash spot for snacks and tubes, we offer an optional MOLLE attachment kit that gets sandwiched between the removable drybag and the mounting frame. This is a great place to store your water and extra fuel, or stash a MOLLE compatible multi-tool, a fixed blade knife, a hatchet, or a spade.

With the drybags removed, the empty harness can be cinched tight to the bike, so it won’t flap around in the wind. If you’re out & about and find yourself in need of a handy spot to tuck a small bag, jacket, or groceries, they work perfect for that as well.


- Two removable welded seam 22oz PVC drybags

- Quick-stash backpack straps

- Two water-resistant zippered, see-through pockets

- Two removable beavertail harnesses made from abrasion resistant materials

- Beavertails offer a handy quick-stash spot for wet or dirty items

- Two removable laser cut mounting frames

- 8 extruded, anodized mounting pucks with washers and hardware

- Mounts to virtually any pannier rack

- Harness cinches tight to mounting plate when not in use

- Optional MOLLE expansion panels


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- Length: 17" top to bottom (can be extended significantly with roll top)

- Width: 13" main body, 18" with rear pocket

- Thickness: 9" (35L)

- Weight: Approx 6.3 lbs (with all hardware, per bag)

   MOLLE alone: 6 lbs

   Plate alone: 1.7 lbs





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