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Mosko Deuce | Poop Trowel

 • The Deuce® #3 is THE ultralight trowel manufactured by TheTentLab in Colorado!
• an excellent aid to leave no trace camping – it really helps you doo-doo the right thing
• revolutionary design: it can be used handle UP or handle DOWN!!
– QUADRUPLES the edge pressure for hard ground!
• digs down and carves unusually well because of its thinness
• cuts right through small roots
• elegant, minimalist design

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
For the critical divots.

The Deuce does what it is intended to do and it does a great job. I just went on my first moto-camp and had the opportunity to test it out. It is strong and cuts into hard soil better than my old plastic trowel. Works well day and night!

Backcountry panniers

The quality of the bags are amazing. Multiple molle points and well-planned cinch straps make this the perfect go to bags for off-road Adventures. I only have one complaint, mosko Moto recommends using the touratech pannier racks for the Africa twin. These racks make it difficult to mount the bags in various positions along the pannier rack. The reason for this is the mosko clamp system needs room under the passenger grab rails to be securely attached. If one is not careful the plastic grab rails become chipped or damaged from the metal clamp on the bag. This issue may be a design flaw when utilizing other companies racks. Beyond this minor caveat, I would recommend these bags to anyone.


This highly engineered trowel is truly crap. Can’t believe Mosko would put out something this sh*t. I hope the #2 attempt at this product comes out better.

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