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Backcountry 35L Pannier Kit

The Backcountry pannier is our flagship product, designed for long-distance adventure touring, hardcore enduro-style riding, and camping from your bike.

With bomb-proof construction and heavy-duty materials, these bags can really take a beating. Our quick-mount wedge system makes it easy to take the panniers on/off the bike so you can store them in your tent or have them by the fire without wrestling with straps.

This is the system for long distance travelers and people living off their bikes. Guides, instructors, and RTW riders: this system was designed for you.

The Backcountry 35 was also our first product. We created it because we were tired of over-the-seat soft panniers that flop around in rough terrain, have no external pockets or stash spots, disintegrate after a couple crashes, and are a total pain in the ass to get on and off the bike. We wanted something like a backpacking frame pack, but that mounts on your bike, and that stays connected to the bike and stays waterproof no matter how many times you lay the bike down.

The BC35 is super easy to click on and off the bike, and because the waterproofing is on the inside the bag (thanks to the two-bag system), minor crashes and scuffs won’t phase this bag at all. When you think about waterproofing, external abrasion is not the end of the story, you also have to think about abrasion inside the bag. For example you might have tools, or a camp stove, or some other hard piece of equipment inside the bag that is vibrating and rubbing against the inner surface over a long period of time. That is why we use such incredibly thick, welded seam liners on this bag.

The BC35 is heavier than the Scout 25, and it’s also heavier than a traditional over-the-seat saddlebag, but what you get for that weight is bomb-proof construction and materials, a completely stable mounting system (no flopping), and lots of stash spots. Lighter is not always better if it comes at the price of functionality or durability. If weight is your primary concern, but you want to stick with a rack system, check out the Scout 25 kit. If you’re really serious about weight, take off your steel pannier racks, which shaves 8-10 pounds off the bike, and get a Reckless 80 instead. For everyone else: the Backcountry 35.

Want to protect your panniers and gear from thieves? Add a set of our Steelcore Locking Straps. The Backcountry Pannier Kit requires two 4.5' straps, mounting instructions can be found in this video.

Wedge-Mount Compatibility Note: In July 2016, we switched the backcountry pannier wedge and frame from machined HDPE to molded glass-filled nylon. The new wedge/frame are not compatible with the old version. To determine which wedge/frame you have, check on the back of the wedge. If it is flat & smooth, that's HDPE. If it has an inset honeycomb pattern, that's molded nylon. We have extra wedges and frames of both materials in stock available for order by special request.

Cutout Pannier Rack Note: Bikes with stock racks and a pannier exhaust cutout (like the R1250GSA, R1200GSA or F800GSA for example) require an additional adapter. Check the 'Hardware & Parts' section of our site, or email us with questions.

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Easy on/off mounting
Stash Spots
100% Waterproof
Molle Expandability


  • 1. 2 bag system – Tough bag outside. Drybag inside.
  • 2. 6 layers of crash protection where you need it most
  • 3. Large external rear pocket that fits two MSR fuel cans side-by-side perfectly, also 2L Dromedary compatible
  • 4. Beavertail stash-spot for extra storage and expansion
  • 5. Wedge mount system – one click on/off mounting and removal – universal fitment
  • 6. Front + bottom MOLLE panels for quick attachment of MOLLE accessories (volume expansion!)
  • 7. 4 aluminum (no plastic!) buckles w/ side compression straps for compression + adjustability
  • 8. High quality powder coated steel rotary draw attachment latches
Product Specs
  • 35 Liter capacity per pannier (70L total capacity for the kit)
  • Length: 20" top to bottom (can be extended significantly with roll top)
  • Length with top roll open is 32”
  • Width: 15" main body, 18" with rear pocket
  • Thickness: 8" (35L)
  • Weight: approx. 9.0 lbs each (hardware included)
  • Check the Fitment Page for rack questions, and please email us if your rack is not listed.
  • Construction + Materials
  • Outer Shell Materials: Ballistic Nylon
  • Inner Dry Bag Materials: 100% waterproof 22 oz PVC with welded seam construction
  • Side Buckles: Aluminum rather than plastic to withstand crashes
  • Attachment rotary laches: High quality powder coated steel
  • Front/Rear panels made from 22oz PVC material for easy washing, extra water resistance, and abrasion protection
  • Side panels constructed with ballistic nylon and roll tops from high quality ripstop material for easy, compact rolling
  • Kit Includes
  • Two 35L panniers (right/left) with frames
  • Two mounting wedges
  • Hardware pack (8 washers + 16 6mm screws)
  • Puck sak (8 aluminium mounting pucks)

    We needed this.

    Product Creation at Mosko is an effort born of necessity. Everyone on our team rides – and time on the trail translates to an innovative, always improving product line. Crafting gear that will outperform in even the most harsh riding conditions means we make no compromise, ever.

    “So far these are hands down the best Panniers I’ve ever owned. Like most of us riders, I researched every option possible. Didn’t matter what country they came from or what I had to do to get them I just wanted the best functioning and bomb proof system around. In my opinion these are the best available.”

    – Anthony Fry, 2018

    In The Wild

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 441 reviews
    35L pannier kit

    Awesome construction durability and smart design. These will last a lifetime!

    Perfect Bags and light too

    Lots of people complain about the weight of the BC35s. But if you look at other 70L storage solutions they are light. And they have the fuel bottle holder at the back.

    You take other companies 35L throw over panniers and then add 4 extra fuel bottle holders and you are at the same weight as the BC35s with way too many straps.

    The BC35s have the ability to move the weight you carry down and forward on your bike as long as you build a rack that places them in tight to the bike.

    We have 8000km on them on or wr250r and xt250 and love them. So slick

    Got a set of bags for my new 1250 GS to travel to Alaska and Canada

    Fourth day of the trip and the bags are performing excellently would highly recommend them to anybody who wants the best

    35 L Scout Duffle

    I have been running 25 L on my DR 650 since Mosko Moto started and have been super happy. Bomb proof easy to pack, in and out. Bought some 35 L for the GS1200 quick easy install, great setup for the longer trips. I prefer soft luggage, Mosko Moto is the best you can get.

    BackCountry 35 on KTM 790 Adventure R

    Hi Mosko Moto Team,
    Thanks for your help at the BMWMOA Rally in Lebanon Tennessee. If you remember I was there with my one-week old KTM 790 Adventure-R and everyone was excited to have their first look at one, and to evaluate the fit-up for Mosko bags and accessories. Ashley converted my thinking from the hard luggage I had ordered for the 790R (but hadn’t received yet) over to a BackCountry 35 Pannier Kit. It was great advice and an excellent product recommendation. I’m loving these frame mounted bags on the 790R.

    Here is a couple pics of the KTM 790R with the BackCountry 35 mounted, and a couple at the BMWMOA rally as Pete and Ashley were having their first look at a 790R.

    Thanks again, from a multi repeat Mosko customer. All’s good in Mosko Moto Land!

    Jack Chermak - Monticello, MN

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