• Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack
  • Mosko Moto Duffle Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack

Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack

$ 250.00

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The Backcountry Duffle is available in two sizes, a 40L version and a 30L version. This moto-duffle does it all: it's a duffle, a backpack, and a quick-stash spot during the day. It's a way to keep your wet jacket separate from your dry sleeping bag.It serves as a clean food prep surface next to the campfire and a convenient tool tray for roadside field repairs. 

Use it as a travel bag on fly-to-ride trips (it fits the airline carry-on restrictions).If you break down, this bag has real-deal backpack straps that deploy from a hidden rear pocket, which will make your hike-out a whole lot easier. The beavertails are extremely helpful for expanding/contracting the volume of the bag, and the double-ended roll top makes it really easy to get at your belongings during the day.

Inside the beavertails there's a mesh pocket for wet/dry items (like a toothbrush), a document pocket which works great for maps, or for your bike documents and passport. The document pocket is especially helpful at border crossings where you have to stop at multiple customs offices on both sides of the border. Remove the document pocket, take it inside the customs office with you, then when you're done put it back inside the beavertail and ride over to the next office. That way you can collect all the country specific paperwork in a specific spot.

Also under the beavertail there's a special tent pole pocket so you can split your tent into its various components, making it so much easier to pack. The tent pole pocket also works great for a camp chair, fuel bottles, a fishing pole, etc.

If you need to transport your gear somewhere in a single trip, put the Backcountry Duffle on your back, grab a pannier with each hand, and you're mobile. The Backcountry Duffle uses the same double-layer construction and removable liner as our Backcountry Pannier, so it'll always be 100% waterproof even after years of exposure to abrasion and campfire sparks.

The Backcountry Duffle also includes a separate 20L Drysak bag, which can be used to keep dirty/wet items (like shoes or towels) separate from your other belongings. 

Want to protect your gear from thieves? Add our Steelcore Locking Straps. The Backcountry Duffle requires one 6' strap. Mounting instructions can be found in this video.

Connection Strap Note: For pavement and graded road riding, virtually any kind of connection strap will work to attach this duffle to the bike. For rough, ungraded terrain or for long-distance, multi-month trips, we highly recommend the Backcountry Cinch Strap, which was designed specifically for this bag and this kind of travel. Whatever strap you choose, if you will be riding offroad, please avoid bungy cords, stretchable elastic straps, or straps with plastic side-release buckles. Even a simple cam buckle strap (like this one by DaKine) is better than elastic.


- Double-ended roll top for easy access throughout the day without having to unstrap the duffle from the bike.

- Removable interior liner made from 22oz PVC material with welded seams, for a 100% waterproof seal.

- Long external tent pole pocket (40L version only).

- Zippered mesh pocket under one beaver tail, with a removable clear map pocket under the other.

- Top panel made from 22oz PVC material for easy washing, excellent abrasion resistance, and extra water resistance.

- Double overlapping beavertail made from Ballistic Nylon for extreme abrasion resistance.

- 4 aluminum corner d-rings and a front daisy-chain for quick attachment of straps and accessories.

- Beavertail features a unique through-strap mounting system, making it an ideal spot to tuck things throughout the day without having to get inside the bag. For example, a place to put your moto jacket when it gets too hot, or a place to stash a wet rainfly when camping.

- With side compression straps, two roll tops, and a double overlapping beavertail, the duffle can be expanded and compressed significantly to accommodate different volume loads.

- Top beavertail MOLLE panel enables quick attachment/removal of MOLLE accessories such as hydration bladder, extra storage, fuel bottles, etc. Easily add additional water, fuel, or tool storage via optional MOLLE compatible accessories,.

- Quick-stash backpack straps and a padded back panel for easy carrying. One carry handle at each end and also a mid-bag briefcase carry handle too. 

- Can be easily locked closed and to the bike with our Steelcore Locking Strap.



40 Liter Size:

- Length: 21" main body, 26" with misc straps (can be extended significantly with roll tops)

- Width: 16"

- Height: 10" (can be extended with beavertail)

30 Liter Size:

- Length: 18" main body, 24" with misc straps (can be extended significantly with roll tops)

- Width: 13"

- Height: 10" (can be extended with beavertail)

Weight: Approx 6.3 lbs


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Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Awesome bags!

The bags are amazing, truly better than I thought. I congratulate Mosko for such an excellent product!

Last duffle I'll ever need.

5 stars for the 40L duffle. I've used a variety of duffles over the years, but this is my favorite! Very rugged design, with lots of space. Thanks Mosko Moto!

Excellent, well thought out luggage

This is an excellent piece of gear. The bag is very well designed to fit different bike setups. The double ended opening make it easy to pack this and have access to things on the road. I also like the way the stairs fit securely into the bag setup. The locking cable is also a key party to secure this bag and allow you to wash away from your bike. I was not expecting the inclusion of the 20L bag--but those details are what set Mosko Moto apart. Bravo!! Well done!!

Great bag.

This bag is good for so many things. I strap it to my bike, use it as a backpack, or travel with it.

Great Quality

We originally ordered the 30L but retired it for the 40L. As the video indicates, it is identical with the exception of the size and the attached tent pole sleeve.
Like all of the other Mosko Moto products I have ordered, the build quality is exceptional. It's all about the little details you would never notice.

I have to say that I am the anti-Velcro guy. I hate the stuff and really appreciate when designers look for better options since as a closure, Velcro sucks in snow and wet weather.

If I could give this bag 100 stars, I would.

It's for that reason that I feel a little awkward saying the flap on the tent pole sleeve is far below what I have come to expects from Mosko Moto. It hangs partway out of the beavertail, which in itself is not a massive problem, but the lame Velcro closure coupled with the curved opening at the top of the sleeve just doesn't secure content that is long and thin. I would have preferred a Fastex buckle and maybe a gusset with a drawstring. I may be wrong, but I feel I will now have to buy or make a sleeve to put into the sleeve on my BACKCOUNTRY 40L to secure my stuff.

If I had a choice, I would have preferred the modularity of the "tent pole straps like on the 30L. It gives more choices and the pole bag Mosko Moto sells for that is EXACTLY as I suggested. Hopefully future versions will address this, but if I bought again (which I would without hesitation) I might go back to the 30L because the tent pole sleeve on the 40L is just not what I am looking for.

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