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F1: Forza Rossa plays down Caterham takeover talk

October 31, 2014

After yesterday’s report by Britain’s The Independent claiming that Caterham Sports owner Constantin Cojocar testified on behalf of Caterham’s bankruptcy proceedings that he bought Caterham Sports with the intention of it designing and building cars for Caterham and Forza Rossa, the Romanian group that announced earlier this year it was attempting to put together an F1 team has moved to downplay speculation it was preparing a takeover of the Caterham.

Romanian-born Colin Kolles, who joined Caterham after its takeover by Romanian management team Engavest this summer, had previously been linked with Forza Rossa. That project is being led by former Romanian health minister Ion Bazac, the country’s Ferrari importer under the Forza Rossa banner (pictured above). But a statement attributed to Forza Rossa published today by the Romanian sports news website prosport.ro, declared: “For the moment there is no official engagement between Mr. Colin Kolles and Forza Rossa F1 Team.”

Forza Rossa also denied that it has yet received official approval from the FIA to enter F1 in 2016, despite reportedly having received “a letter of intent” to do so back in June.

“We would like to inform you that we don’t yet have an official and public confirmation from the FIA regarding our participation in the Formula 1 world championship. Until the FIA official statement, any information on our participation in F1 is pure speculation.”

For the moment, then, it would seem that any prospects for a Caterham lifeline via Forza Rossa – or indeed imminent prospects for any F1 team under that name – are thin at best.

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